To our dear readers...

This post is deleted on the advice of my better half. She's wise. 

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and fifteen grandchildren.


... 'cause I'm sort of ahead of you on this.

Our website (, .com, and .org; all the same) has been wonky in August, but is now up and running again on a brand-spanking new Wordpress platform (easy for us non-techies to manage/edit).  On the front page, at the right-hand column is a frequently changing spot headlined "Duly Noted," in which I post snippets to stuff Very Valuable To Read, with links to the whole enchilada.  Additionally, I maintain a separate page where all such duly noted sources are archived.

When this new Wordpress-platform site went live last week, the first thing in the Duly Noted section was an link to your blog "The perspicuity of Scripture's doctrine of sexuality..." as well as a paragraph from the conclusion to that presentation you gave in Riga in 1998.  What was posted in Duly Noted last week is now archived here:

I expect blogs from Baylyblog will find their way into Duly Noted frequently in the future.  I haven't yet reconstructed the blogroll from the old blog, but when I do, Baylyblog will be in that roster (as it has been for years at the old blog).

I'm not a twit, so I can't offer to tweet your blogs.  And, my facebook account is used almost exclusively to keep up with the parish and family, all of whom hear Pr. Bayly's comments as I read them from my homilies throughout the year. I wish my homilies qualified as "social media" <sigh>, but some things are just a bridge too far.

Too true. One of my first experiences with public shame of the truth was during a heated debate against a professor and most of the class I was in at college. While I "held my own" against them, I was the lone voice of reason and it was exhausting. After class three or four people came up to me to say they "agreed with everything I said but, didn't want any trouble". For shame. It would seem that very few are willing to go for broke for fear of a smaller "friends" list. Reading a blog and nodding a head "yes" is taken from the same cloth.

The internet makes it so easy to be self assured. Anonimity breeds cowardice.

... easy come, easy go. Sic semper mulieris.

Mis spelled,it's "anonymity". Don't ask me to say it out loud.

Thanks, brothers; I pulled another comment and thought I'd closed down comments now that the post is gone, but apparently I blew it. I'm going to close them down now, though. Love,