Mourning with those who mourn...

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Last Sunday I learned through my facebook feed that a young child, Amariah Wehlaus, went into ICU with severe head trauma. God saw fit to take this child home the next day.

Here is what her father, Nick, writes:

Amariah was only 2 years 8 months old, but I could only pray to have the faith of my little girl. She fought the fight against sin in her life and loved the Lord very much. It was an honor to be with her at the end, and to be able to sing Psalm 45:8-17 with her as she passed away. I am proud to say that although I couldn't walk her down the isle in an earthly wedding, I was able to sing to her as she met with the great heavenly bridegroom, the savior of her soul, and perfecter of her faith. No more tears, no more sorrow, no more struggle with her sin. She is with Jesus now...

I do not know the Wehlaus, but they have costs associated with the care of Amariah. My family received financial help when our youngest daughter went into ICU last year. We were able to bring her home. We received that financial help as though from God Himself; because it was.

If you are able to help strengthen the Wehlaus' faith in a tangible way so they may taste the care of their Heavenly Father, please do so here. We were able to give $100.00

Craig French is a former deacon and member at Christ the Word (PCA) in Toledo, OH. He and his wife Tai have four daughters.