Leave the sidelines to Paterno...

Attention Everyone: the information contained in the Freeh Report is boringly predictable. Am I allowed to say that?

Andrew Dionne made this point well in his post yesterday:

...When the administrators and professors of our universities carefully create a culture in which their own sexual deviance is protected, promoted, and professed, can we be surprised that Jerry Sandusky could roam those revered halls and hallowed locker rooms for decades sodomizing 9 year-old boys? For many--certainly not for all, but for many--Jerry Sandusky is the embodiment of their very own lectures.

In other words, when we find that an institution dedicated to creating a 'safe space' for all manner of sexual deviance and training its students to embrace that sexual perversion, no one should claim to be shocked when we discover the leaders of that institution are themselves perverts. And to claim surprise at the institution's cover-up is like claiming to be surprised that Planned Parenthood covers up statutory rape and hides the abortions of minors from their parents.

Hello. They run a large-scale operation dedicated to murdering little children.

Is anyone surprised that Nazi perverts performed sexual "experiments" on Jewish children before they threw them in their gas chambers and ovens? But I'm getting ahead of myself...

The wickedness uncovered at Penn State is not unique to that particular publicly funded research institution. It is not unique to State College, PA. And it is not unique to our time in history. It is in your hometown, in your schools, and your church. But who sees or admits it?

The classes that Pastor Dionne culled from Penn State's catalog are standard fare for taxpayer funded universities across our country. They're no surprise. No shock. They're in your state college--catalog--look them up.

Universities and colleges across our country have a sexual curriculum that is forced down the throats of their students from day one of their arrival. I's not limited to classrooms: from orientation seminars to dorm floor meetings to all-campus events, our universities promote sexual deviancy. Then there's the politically correct straight jacket all students, faculty, and employees are required to embrace themselves and impose on others. (Miriam Grossman's book, Unprotected, provides good documentation of this.)

This has been the case for a very long time.

In the late forties and early fifties, Indiana University professor Alfred Kinsey released his famous reports documenting 'orgasms' he said were 'timed with second hand or stopwatch' on children as young as 2 months old. Thanks to the leadership of much-lauded longtime IU President, Herman B. Wells, Kinsey's "scientific research" was protected under the guise of academic freedom.

Indiana University has, for years, not only protected Alfred Kinsey and his legacy, but it's celebrated. Kinsey's statue isn't coming down any time soon and his name isn't being removed from any buildings. IU is home to the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction—an entire institution dedicated to furthering Kinsey's so-called "research" which has long been a pacesetter in the Academy's normalization of sexual perversion.

This may have been unique to IU in the fifties, but campuses across our country have been following IU's example for years, now. The climate of sexual deviance and perversion is commonplace in public universities of our time.

So let me pose a question: What if there was a church in State College committed to opposing the administrators and professors who promoted their perverse sexual agendas in the classrooms of PSU? What if there was a campus ministry committed to calling professors and students to repent of sexual sin and turn to Jesus Christ in faith for forgiveness, cleansing, and power to overcome sin?

What if there was a church or campus ministry in Bloomington committed to opposing Kinsey and the Kinsey Institute back in the forties, fifties, sixties, seventies, eighties, or nineties? Would things have turned out differently? If the Church is called by God to be the "pillar and foundation of the truth," there is no hope apart from faithful churches.

The response of the university to our recent Sexual by Design lectures—the ones featuring Doug Wilson protected from an angry mob by twenty some policemen—shouldn't have been a surprise to us. We should have seen it coming, but we didn't. If we had only remembered Paul in Acts, it would have been obvious: attack an idol and the mob repents or riots.

Opponents and detractors have said we were unnecessarily provocative. They've told us we're obsessed with sex and should just give it a rest. I've heard this over and over across Bloomington, and since the videos have been released it's been repeated on the web.

But you know? Doug Wilson and Clearnote Fellowship are not provocateurs. We're Christians. And "obsessed with sex"? Could there be any better description of university faculties and administrations that seek to normalize sexual perversion while turning a blind eye to the victims of sexual crimes?

So we've renewed out commitment to proclaiming the Gospel to those who are enslaved by their lusts. We're grateful to Doug for his work but we have much more work to do, ourselves.

It takes a special kind of coward to sit on the sidelines judging a shepherd for how he battles the wolves who are devouring sheep.

Leave the sidelines to Paterno: there are Sanduskys on the loose.

Jacob Mentzel

Jake has led Clearnote Church's ministry on the campus of Indiana University since 2008, and has served as the college pastor at Clearnote Church since 2010. He also teaches systematics at the Clearnote Pastors College. In his spare time, he acts as editor of the Warhorn, Clearnote Fellowship's quarterly publication.

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Here is yet another article about the cesspool in Turtle Bay that is making the world safefor rapists and sex traffickers:


Funny that our sermon today was on Matthew 1:1-6. I'm still not sure what to make of it.

Thanks for this, Jake.

The tags for this post (and this one) got messed up somehow.

Thanks, Dan; I corrected them. Love,

We come across as being "obsessed with sex"?! Remember, our culture voraciously devours anything that has anything to do with anything related to sex. Clearly the "Sexual by Design" event is a sparkling example of contextualization at its finest.


Oh Elliot! We're obsessed with sex, doncha know? That's why married Olympians are NOT allowed to room together but sodomite couples ARE.

Profound quote from Andrew Dionne.  BTW: I'm a Penn State grad.

Thanks for making the Doug Wilson lectures available...appreciated his gracious boldness

I saw that one, too.  Typically, tens of thousands of condoms are provided to the Olympic Village, so apparently the current Olympic ideal is perhaps derived from ancient Greece; sex is OK there as long as it isn't with your wife. 

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