"You priests of theoretical physics..."

If you care, I think nothing and no one should never watch scoffers like Stephen Colbert. His irony corrodes souls. But here one fool gets his comeuppance.

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and fifteen grandchildren.


How one "not in the priesthood of science" can completely make a fool of ... well... a fool.

Lawrence Krauss is an idiot despite his "impressive" CV. As if global warming wasn't enough junk science to deal with, we now have satanist libtard pseudo-scientists attempting to make a case that something can originate from nothing without divine help. Sadly, many will buy his snake oil and will not be on the "up" elevator.

This guy would have done better to assert that his book had appeared from (one of the N kinds of) nothing and showed no signs of having an author.

I would be more disturbed by that than I was by this man's blasphemy. Lord, may it not always be so.

Notice how the good doctor described nothing as actually something. If someone had pressed him on where the particles come from, what would be his answer? "Well, those particles are nothing, actually". Here is a man trying to avoid a material contradiction by resorting to a contradiction in terms. Particles are matter in any other field of physics, but when it comes to the issues of origins, we just can't seem to get away from the philosophical problems of naturally explaining something from nothing. This is the intellectual lack of integrity that a self-refuting theory like evolution brings even our most educated people to when they deny the God before them.

Or, how about his comment that the laws of quantum mechanics mandate that empty space must do such and such. How can their be laws in a universe such as the one you describe? How do you have invariant, abstract entities like laws of physics in a world of random eventuation?

When exactly did the inanimate matter become alive, professor? When did this newly animate matter become self-aware? When and why did this matter develop ethics?

Evolution: the modern man's alchemy, where the world is magically seen as consisting of things turning into their opposites for reasons we're sure we'll someday discover.


Stripped of jargon, Dr. Krauss is only stating the old notion that matter is eternal.

'A diamond is forever' - literally.

We could take Krauss out of the chair and put a house plant there and it would have a higher IQ.



Yes, but what non-particles were floating around that made that horse over a long stretch of time? Well, you'll have to wait for his next book.


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