What happens when you attack an idol?

You know, wherever the apostle Paul went, there was a revival or riot. Everywhere I go, they serve tea. - an Anglican cleric

What happens when you attack an idol?

On Friday, April 13th, the college ministry of Clearnote Church sponsored a lecture series on the Bloomington campus of Indiana University called Sexual by Design. Indiana University is a notorious party school in one of the most gay-friendly towns in America. It's also the home of Alfred Kinsey and the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction.

So we invited Pastor Doug Wilson to Bloomington to address God's design for sexuality on campus. We wanted him to join us in our attack on the idols of our community and to aid us in the work of seeing souls saved from eternal destruction. As you can see from the sneak peeks above, chaos ensued.

Doug spoke to a hostile crowd of 350-400 people... in a lecture hall packed and overflowing into the outer hallways. He ended with a question and answer session that took over two hours.

During the lectures there were hecklers and banners and timed interruptions. One student was arrested. More than 20 were dismissed. University officials called in upwards of twenty IUPD officers to insure the safety of those present.

And that’s just what happened inside the lecture hall. Outside more than 200 protestors rallied, using face paint, making signs, banging on doors, and holding a “dance party.”

In the weeks leading up to the event, articles ran in the local and student newspapers in which Pastor Wilson was accused of being a racist, sexist, homophobic neo-confederate. Editorials were published accusing us of being guilty of the blood of suicidal teenagers and calling for the university to silence our event. Cartoons were drawn of Jesus disowning Pastor Wilson. Fliers full of lies were passed out and protests were organized on Facebook.

Thanks to the good folks at CanonWired and the men of Clearnote Fellowship, you can watch the entire lectures and Q & A online here. Over the next several days we hope to begin opening up the details of how this event unfolded and what we've learned.

Jacob Mentzel

Jake has led Clearnote Church's ministry on the campus of Indiana University since 2008, and has served as the college pastor at Clearnote Church since 2010. He also teaches systematics at the Clearnote Pastors College. In his spare time, he acts as editor of the Warhorn, Clearnote Fellowship's quarterly publication.

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" ...  and what we've learned."

I am Very Interested to hear this.  

You all created the situation in which the protests and agitated orneriness occurred.  You are spot on ... interfering with an idolater's idols is gonna make him cranky indeed.

But, I think the time is not far off when the cranky idolaters are going to come to us, rather than we going to them.  It's a very good idea for any vigilent Christian to prepare himself for those times.  

So, I'm encouraged that you've pondered, distilled some wisdom from it all, and plan to share it with us.

Praise the Lord for men like Doug Wilson, and the Elders at Clearnote for graciously standing up for God's Word and Gospel!

ClearNote and Pastor Wilson are both to be commended for this courageous work.  The Q&A captures the spirit of unbelief so well: the snide, mocking, and dissmissive tone as well as the "substance" or so-called argument that is common in discussions like these. 

To put it mildly, I don't think most Christians are prepared for what's coming.  This will be a useful tool for many of us to prayerfully prepare to speak when (not if) the time comes.

Thank you.

Praise God for the courage within men like Doug Wilson.

The one thing I saw throughout the question and answer session is that the side in favor of perversion is intellectually impoverished. God has truly made the wisdom of the world foolish. Most of these students were ill-mannered, disruptive and looked like they had just arrived from a costume party. They offer one fallacious argument after another, falsely likening perversion to an inborn, inheritable trait like race, or assuming that perversion is a victimless act that does not harm to anyone (contra Paul in Romans 1:28f), or accusing Christians of hypocrisy since we do not keep historical-redemptive laws associated with the Old Covenant which the Law Giver in His authority has abrogated.

The whole sodomy movement is like an emblem without any substance to it. It's a pamphlet with a fancy, shiny cover, and blank pages therein. All of the arguments, from a scholarly standpoint, are on the fourth grade level and any Christian trained in the faith can easily answer them and offer a philosophically cogent defense. This video shows, however, that when the men and women of Sodom come out to meet a visitor, it is not to have an  erudite conversation. They have largely stopped their ears; they come out with an agenda. Of course, if we did that to a LGBT speaker, they would probably call in the national guard.

Doug Wilson did as good of a job as anyone could, but he was speaking to people who were so smug, self-amused, and who were largely asking rhetorical questions for the approval of their fellow perverts in the audience, that they would not listen to sound words.

If you want a good example of the noetic effects of the fall, watch this video. The problem here is ethical, not simply intellectual. it's not the absence of the right data or propositions; it is a mind that is enmity to the law of God. I am afraid that the imprimatur of modern day scholasticism on these intellectual pygmies and their activities is all the persuasion such people need to quiet their conscience.

On the bright side, God has clearly given us a faithful Word to show the fool his folly, and a good example in Pastor Wilson of how to do so as peaceably as possible.  I am going to be praying for Doug much more so. What a courageous man.


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