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Friend of the Word of God, A. B. Caneday, is working hard to expose Francis Collins and his Gaia god, BioLogos. Collins founded The BioLogos Foundation to oppose the Creation Order revealed in Genesis, replacing it with the infallible and inerrant Science that provides the foundation of his own Human Genome Project. So here we have Evolution's latest stooge being used to usher unbelief and disobedience into the Church under cover of intellectual respectability.

Two quotes Caneday places near the beginning of a recent article do a good job illuminating Collins' grand scheme:

I find theistic evolution, or BioLogos, to be by far the most scientifically consistent and spiritually satisfying of the alternatives. This position will not go out of style or be disproven by future scientific discoveries. It is intellectually rigorous, it provides answers to many otherwise puzzling questions, and it allows science and faith to fortify each other like two unshakable pillars, holding up a building called Truth. (F. Collins, The Language of God, pp. 209,210)

[A paragraph has been removed here and a change made to the next paragraph to correct an error in which I confused Francis Collins with Francis Beckwith. I apologize for the error and am grateful to those who called it to my attention.]

Protestants hold to authority of Scripture and Roman Catholics yoke Scripture and tradition. Consider Collins' two pillars of Faith and Science and we wonder "Where is Scripture?" Collins' pillar of Faith isn't Scripture. To Evangelicals today, "faith" is subjective; it's emotive and experiential--an aerie spirit dwelling in mists and vapors.

If I had to guess, I'd say Collins is expecting gullible intellectuals to assume his "faith" is a placeholder for Scripture. But I'm not buying it. It seems clear that, for Collins, Scripture is a talisman trotted out to quiet the natives; or maybe the crazy aunt up in the attic you hide from your neighbors and friends.

Two men happily cheerleading for Collins are former professors at Westminster Theological Seminary who have been removed by lateral transfer and termination--Tremper Longman and Peter Enns.

In the course of his argument, Canaday footnotes this zinger from Professor Collins:

Cf. Collins, The Language of God, 207. Collins adds, “Some biblical literalists insist that the wives of Cain and Seth must have been their own sisters, but that is both in serious conflict with subsequent prohibitions against incest, and incompatible with a straightforward reading of the text.”

It is curious to claim that “a straightforward reading of the text” would lead one to conclude that Cain and Seth found their wives among “other humans present at the same time” who had not descended from Adam and Eve as Cain and Seth had.

The weakness of Collins' argument is clear when we remember that Adam was created from the ground, but Eve from Adam's rib. In other words, if Collins opposes the incest of Cain and Abel marrying their sisters (since, according to the Word of God, all men originated from Cain and Abel's father and mother, Adam and Eve), he ought to be having a hissy-fit over the ignorant "biblical literalists" who think the woman taken from the body of man turned around and was presented to the man as his wife by Almighty God. Talk about prohibited degrees of consanguininity! Across the universe and all time, could there ever be a closer degree of consanguininity or blood relationship than that between Adam and Eve?

But of course, Collins attacks the incest of Cain and Abel marrying their sisters rather than Eve marrying Adam because if he condemns the benighted "biblical literalists" who believe in the marriage of Adam and Eve, his attack upon the truths of God's Word would be too, too clear and someone might come after him with a broom or bat.

The displacement of Genesis with evolution must be done by men inside the Evangelical camp where everyone pays lip service to inerrancy so their work of schism won't scare the stupid literalist sheep.

This is the schismatic and divisive stuff being peddled by Jack Collins and Ron Choong and Tim Keller.


I think it is Choong.

Spelling corrected.

Are you conflating Francis Collins with Francis Beckwith? Far's I know, Collins hasn't been ores of the ETS. Right analysis, though. I'm glad you're familiar with Dr. Caneday's work. He's a good thinker and a great exegete.

>>Are you conflating Francis Collins with Francis Beckwith?

Sorry. I've corrected that, too. Thanks for the corrections, brothers. Love,

What many are not seeing, missing the connections, is that an old earth/evolution and millions and billions of years is an attack on the person and work of Jesus Christ as the Second Person of the Trinity. It is an attack on the very work of Christ on the cross, maligns and opposes His very nature, His character and attributes, and redefines the work of this 'second' or 'last' Adam both in creation (Col.1:16) and cross. This point is not emphasized enough, but goes to the very heart of the gospel, and ultimately becomes 'another' gospel (Gal. 1:6), for which those who preach it should be accursed.

Brother Tim,

Finally was able to read in it's entirety Caneday's article. Thank you for posting this from the SBJT. Are you attending GA next week? Will you be sitting in on Davidson's seminar?

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