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We all should be grateful Joe Paterno's Jerry Sandusky was convicted on 45 of 48 charges yesterday. These convictions should not be taken for granted. The corruption and rape of little boys by older gay men is rife in our culture and the convictions in the past two days of both Sandusky and Msgr. William Lynn of the Philadelphia archdiocese of the Roman Catholic church are good news for those who work for justice and truth and love the little ones.

But every silver lining has a cloud and both convictions highlight the deep commitment our culture has to satiating our lust through child corruption, sexual violence, incest, torture, and murder. We're talking about little boys, here, and we find that their corruption by terribly wicked gay men is hidden and tolerated at the heart of the Roman Catholic church across our country (and really, across the world), just as it was at the heart of Papa Joe's Penn State football program. Watch the coming trials of Penn State administrators and note how much the protection of gay rapists by Roman Catholic hierarchy (read monsignors, bishops, archbishops, cardinals, and popes) resembles the protection of gay rapists by public research university coaches, faculty, and administration.

In fact, it would be hard to think of three institutions more damnable for their promotion of child abuse, molestation, incest, and murder than the Academy, Hollywood, and the Roman Catholic church. The Academy and Hollywood are obvious. Rape and bloodshed and lust and murder permeate our campuses and movies. It's always been so.

But the Roman Catholic church?

Think of the impact on the conduct and moral development of the souls of your  church if your pastor was single, gay, and raping the young boys who helped him administer his mass...

This is no anomaly in the Roman Catholic church of these United States. As I learned two weeks ago, those in your church who grew up in Roman Catholic churches grew up under the ministry of such gay rapists of children. The Roman Catholic church has paid out hundreds and hundreds of millions in this country alone to buy off her victims. And hundreds of millions of souls around the world have grown up being formed morally and spiritually by such godless perverts and the monsignors and bishops and cardinals who granted them their access to the little ones they corrupted.

So what do we learn? A couple of things:

First, that gay men rape little boys. This is the one lesson that hasn't quite made the newspapers and talk shows. So let me say it again: gay men rape little boys. And those little boys then grow up to be gay men who rape little boys. This is the way it was in Ancient Greece where little boys had arrows branded on the soles of their feet so older gay men could track and bed them. This is the way it is in the Roman Catholic church today. And this is the way it is across the world. As older men marry younger women, older gay men rape little boys.

Second, older gay men are married and have children and are members of churches, both Roman Catholic and Protestant. Which is to say you must be on guard to protect the children of your church and home and schools from older gay men who appear to be straight and have been married to one wife and have a number of children, yet are predators against little children. This is Jerry Sandusky and it's ever the same in homes and churches and communities across time and around the world. Your own family and church and school and community are no more safe than the Roman Catholic churches of Philadelphia and the hallowed halls of Penn State University.

Third, enforced priestly celibacy (or should I say non-celibacy) has always produced the sexual perversions within the Roman Catholic church that we're facing today. There's been much documentation by orthodox Roman Catholic writers these past couple of decades that Roman Catholic seminaries have been rife with homosexuality, and those believers who have Biblical commitments and think Scripturally should know this without being told. Early Puritan pastors wrote tracts against sodomy for men who worked on whaling ships and were gone from their wives for months and years at a time. Can we not think and speak today about similar dangers and their connection with singleness? Didn't God Himself say, "It is not good for the man to be alone?" Didn't He create Eve for Adam? Didn't the Apostle Paul tell the Corinthians living in their decadent city, "But because of immoralities, each man is to have his own wife, and each woman is to have her own husband" (1Corinthians 7:2). Didn't the Apostle Paul point out to these same Corinthians that the rest of the apostles and Jesus' brothers and Cephas all had wives (1Corinthians 9:5)? There are many things desperately wrong with the Roman Catholic heresy, but this one needs to be brought up more often because it's been a great corrupter of souls across the ages and there's no sign of change. If a parish is filled with little boys being raped by gay priests, it may be that the soft underbelly of the Roman Catholic heresy awaiting challenge by Reformed prophets isn't so much Mariolatry and infusion, but predator priests who are forced to live in hypocrisy by ungodly Popes and cardinals and bishops who prefer corrupted children to admitting the magisterium is wrong.

Fourth, and this one is sad: I've said before that I have a deep sense that this whole morality play of Jerry Sandusky is the last hurrah of our culture's big show of concern and righteous indignation over the destruction of children. What I mean is that we really aren't concerned about gay predators raping our children at all. This present State College horror is just our way of saying, "Look at the birdie!"

In days past I used to recommend those looking for a good church home ask the pastor or elders whether the church practiced church discipline. But over the years I never had anyone report back that a pastor or elder answered with silence or "no." Instead they would trot out a notorious case where some eighteen year old walked to the front of the church during Lord's Day worship and attacked an eighty-five year old woman with a hatchet, and they would assure the prospective member that they disciplined that man. Yes indeed, in that case they'd done their due diligence!

This is Jerry Sandusky. He's the monster we've summoned ourselves out of our decadence and ennui to deal with so we can reassure ourselves we care about little children and are then free to go back to our televisions and updates and tweets and movies and day care and summer camp and ECPs and Planned Parenthood abortuary appointments.

A nation that refuses to care for their own children, farming them out to people paid to do child care; that entertains itself with movies about incest and child abuse and fornication and adultery; that allows little girls to become sexualized through cheerleader camps and child beauty pageants; that allows gay men to be scout leaders and babysitters and elementary school teachers; that allows her children free access to the moral cesspool of smart phones and the internet; that slaughters 1,300,000 of her unborn children each year: that nation most certainly does not care about children. Don't let the convictions of Monsignor Lynn and Coach Sandusky fool you.

Our nation does not care for children. We consume them--their bodies and minds and consciences and souls. And soon you will see our laws demonstrate there is no limit to our wickedness because we will change our age of consent laws just as Western Europe already has changed theirs. The age of consent will move younger and younger and the sexual perversion of adults will have free access to younger and younger flesh.

What to do about it?

Well first, realize it. Note what the media, whether secular or so-called "Christian" is not saying about the Roman Catholic and State College gay predators. Like for instance that they are "gay predators." Why don't they say that? Meditate on that question because it's quite instructive.

Second, repent of the way R2K casuistry has been allowed to corrupt the church. For many years pastors and elders have surrounded themselves with intellectuals specializing in reassuring them that their cowardice in the public square is no defect of moral courage and Christian faith, but a theological principle! We have allowed our own seminary profs to decry our nation's anti-sodomy laws, seeking their repeal; we have allowed Reformed intellectuals to gag pastors who preach against sodomite marriage and abortion outside the safe confines of their friendly and supportive congregations; we have allowed our pastors and elders to be silent in the face of politically correct taboos against any Christian conscience clothing the naked public square; and we wonder why the stench of the rot around us is overpowering and we're spending our lives dealing with members of our church who were raped by their stepfather or grandfather or youth pastor?

The Lord commanded us to be salt and light. It's costly to be salt and light. Jobs are lost because a Christian is faithful to this calling. Tenure is denied. Pastors are hated. Search committees turn men down. And yet, our Lord commanded us to be salt and light.

Can anyone be surprised if the Reformed churches of our country are led by dogs with no bark when they're surrounded by Reformed intellectuals who tell them their bark is for church members only?

It's time for presbyteries and sessions and wives of pastors and elders to come alongside of their pastors and husbands helping them face down the evil corruptors of our public squares whose numbers of victims are growing exponentially in the silence of God's shepherds. We are not called simply to have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness. We are commanded to expose them. It's hard and dangerous work but someone has been called to do it, and it's time we began obeying that command. Our neighbors should see our love through our refusal to go silently into that black night of postmodernism's return to paganism.

May our Heavenly Father help us to be faithful to our calling.

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and big lots of grandchildren.

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