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The 2012 Clearnote Fellowship Summer Conference is just around the corner! We're very excited about it, and we're looking forward to seeing old friends and making some new ones.

If you haven't registered yet, here is what you need to know: The conference is on July 6th and 7th, and you can still register online. Regular registration ends July 1st, so if you plan on joining us, you can still save money by registering today. 

There are two exciting changes from previous years that I'd like to highlight:

First, we are introducing two sets of breakout sessions this year. We have speakers from Clearnote Church in Bloomington, Clearnote Church in Indianapolis, and Christ the Word in Toledo, Ohio. The breakout sessions will be smaller than the plenaries, and will give the speaker more opportunities to interact with the attendees and answer questions. If you have already registered, please take a minute to let us know which breakout sessions you plan to attend by clicking here.

Second, we have a fantastic kids program lined up for kids ages 0-14. We are pleased to welcome Al and Amy Parker, of Canoe Creation, who will take the older kids (ages 9-14) all over our property and teach them about God's creation.

You can check out all the details right over here. Don't wait! 

And last but not least, check out our facebook page and spread the word! We look forward to seeing you soon.


Lucas Weeks
on behalf of Clearnote Fellowship

Lucas Weeks

Lucas serves as an assistant pastor at Clearnote Church in Bloomington, Indiana. Although he pines for the warm, tropical weather that was familiar to him growing up in west and central Africa, he has since made peace with the harsher climates of North America.

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Pr. Tim,

In discussing these breakout sessions with members of our party, the women had differing first-impressions about the subject of the breakout for women entitled "Cultivating Feminine Deference."

One supposed the subject would be this: how/why women cultivate in men a proper deference by men toward women -- i.e. how women influence men to live with women as weaker vessels.

Another supposed the subject would be this: how/why women cultivate in themselves a deference toward men as heads in marriages, families, church, and society.

Either subject would be interesting, of course, and edifying.  But, each of the above are different subjects.  Which one will be covered in the breakout?  Or might both be covered?

Curious feminine minds would like to know. They've asked their husbands at home, and we don't know!  Can you help out here?

"They've asked their husbands at home, and we don't know!"

I'd answer, but I actually don't know either. I just wanted to say, "LOL".

I don't know this for a fact, but I'm almost positive that it's the latter.

The conference flyer I received in the mail had subtitles for each session title. The feminine deference and honoring your husband ones' full titles are:

Cultivating Feminine Deference: Living as a woman in God's patriarchal world

Honoring your Husband: Submitting to the father of your home

The expanded title helped me understand how these fit in with the theme.

I've been working exclusively with the online information.  Of course, I might have missed something there.

Still, your cite of the print material is helpful.

I imagine a godly Christian woman attending the first session or two of the conference and starting to see how God's fatherhood is not a small, incidental detail that you can hit or miss and be fine with, but is rather an overarching truth that has implications that reach everywhere.  And her mind gets going and she starts trying to evaluate all different areas of her life to try to process what God's ordering of the world means, how it applies to her as a woman. And it's overwhelming. There's dots everywhere now and she wishes she didn't have to try in isolation to connect them.

I could see the Feminine Deference: Living as a woman in God's patriarchal world breakout being no small help to such a woman to get started figuring out what her questions even are and what it all means. There might be time to ask questions of the presenter, and to begin to think/talk through it with other women who are at that session.

"Feminine deference" is such a foreign concept these days that the operative term for the session may not be "comfortable". But God's fatherhood is important -- as important as His sovereignty, I think. And just like when we first come to terms with His sovereignty we're not always happy but over time we are increasingly comforted by it, I think the same will be true of coming to terms with His fatherhood. Especially for women, I think at first there must be aspects that rankle -- but once a woman really gets it, a few years from now I think she will say "How could I exist, how could I live, how could I try to be a Christian, with so little understanding of my place in God's order?"

I think that women who are not ready for such a challenge should not go to that session, but that for those who are, it could be uncommonly profitable.

I pray that the presenter of that session is bold to declare God's truth and that he doesn't apologize for God's design, because God's design is beautiful, full of authority and protection and comfort and help and guidance and belonging and love and order, praise be to God!

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