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A brother in Christ sent this e-mail and I wonder if you dear brothers and sisters of Baylyblog might have a few suggestions? Would you please make comments with your suggestions?

Friends, ...I wonder if you could give me some book suggestions for my son? (He) is seven years old and just starting to read with abandon. He's actually a fairly good reader for his age and is reading at nearly a third grade level (he's finishing up first grade next week).

I'm especially interested in story books that get the male imagination in gear. By no means need it be explicitly "Christian" literature, but definitely literature which teaches character (the virtues). And ideally, too, books where boys are boys, and girls are girls—without apology.

Even if you had a list of great books that David could grow up into (i.e. he might not be quite ready for them now but may be in the next year or two), that also would be super.

If you could suggest anything at all, or could point me towards some Great Books For Kids list, I'd greatly appreciate it. (My wife) and I are eagerly looking for good substitutes for the omnipresent television.

Tim Bayly

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