They really do want our children's souls...

From our public education correspondent, this heads-up. And this one. And this one. When we read of "bullying," keep in mind that educational apparatchiks know no difference between bullying and shaming. Sadly, Christians long ago gave up on shaming as a tool of protection of immortal souls. But shaming is not dead. The shaming of the Christian conscience still works just fine. (TB, w/thanks to...)



Here's a question: How do we shame a behavior when the left has done a horrifically fine job of making sure that a homosexual sees his sexual behavior and his very being as one in the same? Part of the problem in our contemporary culture is the fact that hardly anyone's behavior can be criticized without it being construed as a rejection of the person themselves.

Homosexual adolescents and young adults need to realize that Christians really do love and cherish them. It's their destructive behavior that needs to be shamed and rejected, but not the people themselves. It's a cliche, but "love the sinner, hate the sin" really does work. How do we make do that, though, when the sinner is told from a very, very young age that there is no difference between himself and his sin?

The message that most same-sex attracted adolescents hear is, "You were born this way. You can't change. You might as well accept it." It makes sense, then, that they would hear any condemnation of homosexuality as condemnation of their very lives. How do we, as Christians, work against such cultural indoctrination, as opposed to playing into the traps set by our enemies? After all, the left wants us to reject and scorn the homosexuals, because then there really is little hope for them.

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