Kudos to Lolo...

This past Tuesday ESPN aired a documentary on Lolo Jones, American hurdler extraordinaire. In the interview she mentioned she is a virgin which led to the internet and air waves echoing with snickers...

Jones was the favorite to win the women’s 100-meter hurdles at the Beijing Olympics in 2008, but she hit the 9th hurdle and ended up 7th. She handled this disappointment with grace. If she qualifies for the U.S. Olympic team next month she’ll get another chance at Olympic gold, but this time she won’t be the favorite. That place belongs to Sally Pearson of Australia. However, as Jones knows all too well, upsets happen so we can root for her.

Miss Jones told ESPN that remaining a virgin has been the hardest thing she’s ever done--harder than training as an elite-level hurdler. Good for her. It is hard work and it’s a fight that many kids from Christian homes have given up.

Good examples like Jones need to be held up as models for today’s young athletes. Everyone knows there are plenty of bad ones. Yes, I’m aware of some of the photo-shoots in which Lolo has participated, but I still want to commend her warmly.

David Wegener

David is an ordained Teaching Elder (Pastor) in the Central Indiana Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church in America. He currently lives in Lusaka, Zambia with his wife, Terri, and serves as the dean of the Seminary at the African Christian University. He is a career missionary with Mission to The World in Zambia.


I'm not sure if she should be held up as much of a role model when compared to infinitely greater godliness/purity/modesty of the many godly women in our churches. I am of the mind that inconsistent celebs who send mixed messages do more harm than good for young girls. Consider this twitter exchange she recently had:

@lolojones Respect n appreciation 4 ur purity, but I can't wrap my mind around the body pics Seems incongruent to ur strength and Christ :/

@Taylor_E_Maddox go to a museum & look at naked pictures/statues of ppl & its considered art but what I did is not? u see no parts exposed

@Taylor_E_Maddox Ryan hall is another christian. He's done missions in africa & posed in latest issue. Shall u judge him as well? John 8:7

This Ryan hall (American marathon record holder), who is connected with Bill Johnson's charismatic church (Bethel) is another chap I'd love some faithful elder to have a chat with.

And I'm probably being a bit surly and should work harder to appreciate the smaller glimpses of God's grace in people's lives. Still don't think I would point girls to her as a role model though, nasty baggins that I am.

No worries, Henry. Wish she hadn't done those pics. They are inconsistent with her message about virginity.

This post was merely an attempt to stand up for a young women at whom the world was directly their snickers.

Wish sometime, someone would write a piece in praise of virginity like Charles Williams did at Oxford years during World War II.

At the very least, you can call it what it is: an attractive, athletic young woman who has maintained her purity throughout her 20's when she no doubt had as many, if not more, opportunities and temptations than most of us not to. So, pictures or not, Kudos to Lolo indeed.

"It is hard work and it’s a fight that many kids from Christian homes have given up on".

Um, agreed. And standing up for virginity in Christian circles is sometimes not as straightforward as you might think. I've seen happen a situation in which somebody I knew was taking one of their friends severely to task, for the way said friend was carrying on with his girlfriend (all concerned being Christians). It ended up being thrown back in his face; as my friend told me ruefully, "I was told that I was making a virtue out of a necessity because, 'no-one wants you anyway'; the guy concerned went on to marry the girl he was sleeping with - and they've been blessed with a large family as well".

>>> It ended up being thrown back in his face

But Pastor Ross, that's not the true end of the matter, right? The end is when we all are at the great judgment seat and the books are opened. If the fornicator repented -- God bless him! but if he never did, particularly if his life is a testimony not to God's grace but if he is leading himself and others astray believing that holiness matters not a whit, his best days are few and drawing to an end -- God help him!

Yes David, I agree. It's good to stand up for the young woman. Thank you for doing so.

Would also be interested to read the piece you mention by Charles Williams, I've never heard of it.

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