Go down to your local abortuary...

There are a number of reasons we love the Sprouls, most definitely including Vesta and RCJr. Here's another. Praise God for this faithful shepherd. (TB, w/thanks to Nate)


Everyone needs to read this. And then think about it, not just move along to the next post. I speak to myself as much as anyone. It is so very easy to leave this work to "others who are called to it."

May God show us mercy.

For me it started with putting a bumper sticker on my car... "ABORTION stops a beating heart"

It was a small thing, but I trembled when it came in the mail. I wondered what might happen to me.

What a warrior, I put a sticker on my car. But it was one step of faith, and it led to more steps. I would encourage my brothers to take any step of faith regarding this issue, no matter how pitifully small it may be at first.

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