Pastor Doug Wilson to speak at Indiana University (part 4)...

(TB w/thanks to Michael F. and Jason C.) On April 13th Pastor Doug Wilson will give two lectures here at Indiana University on what it means that God made man in His Own Image, and that he made us both male and female. Wilson's two-part lecture titled Sexual by Design is hosted by ClearNote Bloomington's campus ministry, JesusatIU.

This is the fourth and final promo video created for the event:


Relativism reigns on our campus.

Our God reigns everywhere. The rebels haven't clued in yet...

The upcoming talk has also brought forth a hit piece by a partisan political activist, who serves as a "reporter" for the local "newspaper." The so-called "reporter" did not even bother to contact Doug Wilson before the hit piece on him.

David, you are right. Our parish helps to support a campus minister who has a vibrant ministry on the Ohio State campus, as well as our local community college. He has debated members of the campus atheist group and has impressed the group so much that he is on their speakers bureau.

Many students have attended his debates. He, his wife, and volunteers have followed up with interested students and have led those drawn to follow Christ and accepted Him as savior and Lord. This couple has found good churches for these students near campus in the denomination of their choice when possible.

This couple is only two of many associated with this ministry, which I believe works on college campuses east of the Mississippi.

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