Pastor Doug Wilson to speak at Indiana University (part 1)...

(TB w/thanks to Michael F. and Jason C.) On April 13th Pastor Doug Wilson will give two lectures here at Indiana University on what it means that God made man in His Own Image, and that he made us both male and female. Wilson's two-part lecture titled Sexual by Design is hosted by ClearNote Bloomington's campus ministry, JesusatIU.

This is the first of four promo videos created for the event:



It's great Doug is coming... should be really interesting and I hope the Lord uses the (brief) time in a disproportionately productive way.

Anyway the clips would be available for download? I'd love to use them in a class over here.


I can probably get them to you via dropbox or some other cloud storage platform.

Email me if you're still interested: mscottfoster at gmail dot com.

Is it possible that the resources which produced the promo videos could be deployed so that Wilson's presentation is made available to more than just the IU students? It would be an excellent teaching moment, not only to hear Wilson on the topic, but to observe (if it's part of the evening) the interaction between him and the students in the audience.

Fr. Bill,

We are going to try to get as much video documentation of everything as possible. I'll then do my best to edit it into something useful.

Also, I just finished your The Story of Sex in Scripture. It was an excellent read and very clarifying. Thank you for all the work you put into it!

The first three promo videos can be downloaded here:

In light of the HHS Contraceptive Mandate, will Pastor Wilson discuss how contraception frustrates the unitive and procreative aspects of the conjugal act in marriage which leads to sterile sex? If married heterosexuals would ever clamor for the right to contracept, how long would it be before homosexuals would, in similar fashion, clamor for the right to marry?

Will Doug speak to this phenomenon that homosexuality always follows ubiquitous use of contraception?


Here are the sessions:

Lecture 1: Creation Sexuality

God is our Creator, and so we should pay close attention to how He established the world in the beginning. One of the first things we should notice is how God divides things in order to shape them into a higher unity later. He divides heaven and earth, sun and moon, land and sea, and, of course, male and female. What is meant by all this? Why is heterosexuality essential to us being bearers of God's image?

Lecture 2: Redemption Sexuality

Because of the sin of our first parents, we cannot simply look at the world to determine what we should do, and this is because the world has been marred by sin. In the good purposes of God, He intended to put everything right by means of His gospel. But it is striking that in the New Testament one of the images of this gospel is that of Christ the Bridegroom and the Church as His bride. A rejection of God's pattern for marriage is therefore a rejection of much more than that. Why is this?

Q & A

Following the lectures there will be an open format, unfiltered, open mic question and answer session in which Pastor Wilson will field questions from the audience. Come prepared to ask questions and engage the lectures. But please, come prepared to be respectful, civil, and on topic.

Wish I could be there for this!! I hope there will be a way to see/hear a recording.

I'll be recording the audio, which will most likely be posted here, but don't quote me on that.

Jonathan Baker said:

Quote "I'll be recording the audio, which will most likely be posted here, but don't quote me on that." /Quote


This seminar will undoubtedly get protest from people on the IU campus. I wonder, however, whether more opposition will come from liberal Christians or atheists.

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