It's Chelsea...

Barca up 2-0 and Chelsea down a man, Chelsea equalized and is moving on to the final. Watch Ramires chip it. Then Torres at 90:48. And if you have the stomach for it. (TB)



Oh the shame! The shame!

50 million pounds has just been repaid.

New link to full highlights here:

And for those of you not familiar, Barca had to beat Chelsea by 2 goals to go through since Chelsea won at Barca. That is why they were pressing so hard at the end of the game. If they game had ended 2-1 Barca, the total goals would have been 2-2 for the two games. The tiebreak is then the number of goals scored on the road. Since Chelsea would have had 1 at Barca and Barca 0 at Chelsea, Chelsea would have gone through on a 2-1 result. So Barca had to score.

If you aren't familiar with international soccer, it could have been confusing why everyone on the Barcelona squad was so far forward and Chelsea was able to score that easy counter-attack goal at the end...

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