Al Gore, Apple, and their AGW scientists...

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They may be wrong. They may be right. Given the endless hectoring of AGW scientists, we might do well to consider alternatives to the Al Gore, Apple campaign.



Sometimes, when you don't know whether some group is a friend or an enemy, a good check is to see who their opponents are. Here's a quote from Eugenie Scott, director of the National Center for Science Education (NCSE) in Oakland, California about the recent Tennessee ruling allowing biology teachers to bring up problems with evolution in the classroom:

"HB 368 and other bills like it are a permission slip for teachers to bring creationism, climate-change denial, and other non-science into science classrooms.”

In other words, AGW-deniers have all the right enemies.

And they have all the right friends. Here's my favorite web agglomerator run by the self-effacing, octogenerian founder of space physics, S. Fred Singer:

Finally, just to demonstrate how the tides have turned, we had Climategate, then Fakegate, and now this data-mangling Shakun paper in Nature that is trying to bail out Al Gore. Here's what the paper conveniently clipped out (like Al Gore himself):

Desperation. On steroids.

AGW-deniers are Natural Global Climate Cycle Affirmers

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