You couldn't make this up...

Speaking of the NFL, Rex Ryan and Tim Tebow joined at the hip just outside Gotham? I'm finding it hard to get my brain around this one. Little Red Riding Hood played out just four hours down the road from Darth Hoodie who's watching and wondering why he can't have the Jets. Meanwhile Denver's holding its breath--all season long--and Indy's hoping Pagano's another Crean with the Luck of the draw.

Speaking of Crean, tomorrow night's the game of the season excitement-wise.



Just for the record - I am not a Bronco fan and haven't been since Elway's first season. Met some nice guys during training camp that year, though.

I'll wish your Hoosiers best of luck tomorrow night if you root for Alex's and my Badgers tonight. ;)

More seriously, it's great to see good basketball returning to Indiana U.

God is using Tim Tebow.

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