Saints and sinners...

After hammering the Saints coaches and front office with well-deserved penalties for paying bounties to players who injured opponents, then lied about it, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is now set to meet with the Players Association to discuss penalties against players.

Word's out there was an earlier brainstorming session in the Saints MPA (Mothers Players Association) where a new proposal came forward that mothers and players agreed would make the NFL a safe place. Odds are it won't be adopted, but mothers everywhere should rejoice it's even on the table. And it says much about the remorse of the Saints defensive line that they're standing with their mothers in taking the proposal to Commissioner Goodell.

Anyhow, here's a video of the Saints MPA proposal...

(Says Lucas, "Tim Keller and John MacArthur got wind of the proposal and are thinking of drafting something similar for bloggers.")

(TB, w/thanks to JJMMWGDuP)


Parents advisory note: Tim didn't notice the words of the rap in the background, and you might want to turn off the audio...

And they came to him and said, "Explain to us the parable..."

That is the best soccer match I have ever seen. I'll bet you could do some REALLY stupid things with those bubbles and not get too hurt!

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