Gospel Coalition relegated...

Note from Tim: This post was poking fun at something that really ought to be taken more seriously. So we'll take it more seriously at some point in the future.


Umm......this leaves me a bit confused.

Is this satire? Or supposed to be funny? I guess I need a scorecard to figure out exactly who we're supposed to be making fun of here.

>>Is this satire?

You have to know something of Barclays Premier League and it helps to know these guys who are publicizing the latest in their sponsorships.

On the other hand, everyone knows Tebow.


The loss of this Mark will likely have Fiscal consequences.

I have a hard time reconciling this post with a previous one that justified shepherding via the internet. Pointed, Biblical criticism of these men and women is one thing, but this attempt at satire just comes across as mean spirited and nasty.

Please don't misunderstand, I'm not suggesting that any of individuals mentioned are above criticism. I just don't comprehend how the tone in which this was written is profitable for the church especially when the blog owners consider the Internet as an extension of their ministries. Maybe there is a reason? Or maybe I misunderstood the previous post?

Pascal said:

"For, fathers (since you will force me into this argument), I
beseech you to consider that, just in proportion as Christian truths
are worthy of love and respect, the contrary errors must deserve
hatred and contempt; there being two things in the truths of our
religion: a divine beauty that renders them lovely, and a sacred
majesty that renders them venerable; and two things also about errors:
an impiety, that makes them horrible, and an impertinence that renders
them ridiculous. For these reasons, while the saints have ever
cherished towards the truth the twofold sentiment of love and fear-
the whole of their wisdom being comprised between fear, which is its
beginning, and love, which is its end- they have, at the same time,
entertained towards error the twofold feeling of hatred and
contempt, and their zeal has been at once employed to repel, by
force of reasoning, the malice of the wicked, and to chastise, by
the aid of ridicule, their extravagance and folly."
--Provincial Letters, Letter XI

(There's a lot more helpful stuff in that letter, too, about the necessary and proper place of ridicule in the life of the Christian.)

Kathy, I think Tim was ridiculing some kind of extravagance and folly here, and such ridicule is not wrong in principle and not in opposition to pastoral care (it can be part of it). Not every pastoral warning should be heavy and serious, some should point out ridiculousness. I guess Tim changed his mind on this particular one though.

I feel like I'm sitting in a classroom and the teacher just said something that went over the heads of the majority of his class. Maybe I'm just a simple minded man like Bill O"Reilly.

It's pretty disheartening to witness pastors like Keller speaking in such a way that they refer to Hell as merely "a Christless Eternity".

Yet some seemingly solid pastors like Piper are in the GC.

Is the fruit of these groups virtually always unsalty salt and lukewarm churches?

Dear Tim,

I chuckled.


All these shake-ups in the Evangelical World is really screwing with my drafting strategy for my Fantasy Pastors' League.

Should I draft Piper again or should I invest in this new guy? I'm wondering if Chandler's stats will soar now that he is the president of Acts 29. Is Driscoll on the decline? Will C.J. Mahaney be the comeback kid of the year?

So many questions!! One bad pick can ruin my season.

M. Scott,

You might consider Oosteen. The dude has a smile as big as Texas and he's healthy and wealthy. He can't go deep but he sure can go wide. Or you could go with Wilson. Now he can go deep, but he can run left to save his soul.

You made me smile, thanks for the break from sermon prep. OK, back to work.

I'll take James White. Don't know if he's actually a formal pastor at the moment, but is a debater, and he will wipe the floor with your Osteen. :D Actually, another James White vid, http://youtu.be/TpNi9fpWYHg who is also wondering what's going on when the president of Evangelical Philosophical Society is permitted to put-up an article on TGC nagging the idea of Scripture being the ultimate authority unmatched by anything else, due to a lack of care or trust in the efficacy of the word by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Driscoll's stats have been phenomenal but so were Bill Hybell's once upon a time. These things run in cycles you know. So, I'm not going after Driscoll in the first round. Maybe late second round.

There is a rumor that they are considering making actual pastoral care the primary point generating stat... Holy.smokes. That will really throw my picks into disarray! I cannot even begin to think how I would compose a team.

If pastoral care is the stat, we will have to go searching in the minor leagues and farm clubs; not among the super stars. The quiet, faithful, humble unknowns, those that go house to house night and day with tears.

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