Caring for those who serve...

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DeliverymanA good story on bicycle deliverymen in the New York Times focusing on a forty-year-old Chinese immigrant to the USA who serves as a restaurant deliveryman in Manhattan. The subject of the profile, Lin Dakang, a Christian, recently gained a green card as a refugee from religious persecution in China.

The story is moving, especially Mr. Lin's faith and desire to bring his wife and child to join him from China. And it provides lots to think about--the meaning of our tips as wealthy Americans to those less fortunate, the glory of America welcoming the poor and persecuted to her shores, the perverse stinginess of Americans begrudging men such as Mr. Lin their incomes and citizenship, even as we enjoy the fruits of our own ancestors freely coming to these shores in years gone by.

Watch and listen to Mr. Lin sing to God's glory in the accompanying video and see if your heart doesn't long for America's doors to swing open to many more such immigrants. (DB)