The world music of Alan Lomax...

At the height of the sixties civil rights movement, Alan Lomax put on a concert in Central Park. He was trying to close the distance between blacks of the south and white sympathizers in the northeast. One year later, in 1966, Lomaz recorded the Newport Folk Festival. But here are clips from Lomaz's recording of the earlier Central Park Concert. Check out numbers 43, 45, 48, and 50 by the Georgia Sea Island Singers from St. Simon Island. Then go exploring. By the end of February, Lomax's life work should all be up and ready. (TB)


OK, to start off what should be a lively thread!

Johnny Cash "God's gonna cut you down" - makes the point in its own way about the judgement to come:

U2's 40 - great anthem rock, great song.

But agree with you completely about the "God is my boyfriend" worship style. I find it telling that none of the Christian women I know can stand it either.

Look up "16 Horsepower" and "Woven Hand". There is a short documentary on YouTube about the singer. Tiny Desktop concert on NPR (50% safer than Christianity Today).

Chest Of Drawers

"Go into the Lord's house
And go in a mile
The world will bow
The knees will be broken for those who don't know how
He delights not in the strength of horses
He takes no pleasure not in the legs of men"

Alan Lomax was a communist, who was eventually blacklisted for his politics. I'm glad to see this ministry supporting him.

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