I'd ask him myself but it would be so embarrassing. Maybe someone here can explain to me why my son-in-law always signs his e-mails, "Sent from my Dell Optiplex 780, Windows XP desktop computer"? You'd think he'd be ashamed. He knows I've always had Macs. Is this a PC thing you can't get out of--like Microsoft and black plastic and PP clip art and bullet points?

If you have an idea, please use the comments to explain it to me. He doesn't like comments.


He's just being counter-cultural.


For the help of some (and the amusement of others) my search for WITD. Could it be:

Wojewodzki Inspektorat Transportu Drogowego (Polish: Regional Inspectorate of Road Transport)


With Intent to Distribute (drug charges)


Whispers in the Darkness

or... wait, how about this one!

**What Is The Deal?**

There we go.

What's wrong with bulleting? Bullets allow you to:

•Break info down into digestable chunks

•Organize information in a logical fashion

•Show a heirarchical relationship between idea through

○ The use of sub-bullets.

I can't think of a better medium to combat egalitarianism than through the use of bulleting. I guess some find it too "imposing" with main bullets dominating sub-bullets. I happen to like them for that very reason.

Craig French,

How do you get bullets to show up here?

I expect you also know how to get bold and italics to show up here?

Possibly a poke at people who don't turn off the automatic footer when they start using a smartphone. "Sent from my iPhone," "Sent from my Droid X2," etc.

What JB said.

I wish I knew how to get italics...or bold I have more than one comment here attempting it...only to remember italics doesn't work.

There are many different keyboard shortcuts for different symbols, here are the bullets I used:

Alt+7 = solid bullet
Alt+9 = hollow bullet

There are other ways (Alt+0149, for example), but these two are what I use most(LiveCycle doesn't have bullets, so I use these as a work around...yes, Tim...I go out of my way to bullet)

Here's a decent list of alt shortcuts:

I guess to be honest it needs to be updated to say windows 7

Did you notice that the blog software flattened your bullet hierarchy? (Guess it did not compute.)

I did...TypePad is obviously egalitarian ;)

thanks Craig, I'll see if any of these work...



clearly not!


The alt codes are working for me...if the characters you wanted failed to display, I wonder if you're using a keyboard without the numeric keypad...using the numbers at the top of the keyboard won't work.

ah, that would explain it.

Mr Bayly, will the new blog that is coming soon have the ability for italics, bold and e-mail notification of new comments by any chance?

Dear Henry,
Yes, yes, maybe. Hold tight. We're getting close.

I don't care what anyone says, I love bullets!

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