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Excellent blog post by son Joseph on the subject of the discipline of children and talk shows on Christian radio stations. Please read it. (TB)


A link would help folks...

You know how you only want things that you can't have...?

Not uncommon on this side of the Atlantic either. As Doug Wilson points out (and others I'm sure), a half truth presented as a whole truth is an untruth. Thank you for posting this.

Do not ever give up.

Sorry I forgot the link. It's fixed.


This certainly applies to our local Christian radio station. It would take ten blog posts to cover the ways the station manager's theology is off, and how it carries over into their morning talk radio before they begin their regular programming.

I mostly listen to get the local news, but I sometimes listen to their talk radio for awhile afterwards, usually to my regret because it's very discouraging to hear their lack of discernment.

Once again think MONEY! How does a listener supported radio station stay on the air? By keeping the largest possible base of donors happy, which means not offending anyone, which means compromise, which means truth takes a back seat.....

Great article, Joseph!


Sometimes in Baylyblog there is a posting (like this one) in which you talk about those who talk against the truth (in this case, discipline), and that is well and good, but I also wonder about the subject (discipline) itself. In other words, a child has a tantrum, and I guess you spank him, and I would like to know more about that. evem though that isn't the direction of the OP. Some of this is new to me. I don't see it lovingly demonstrated in those I know.

Hi Denver,

I haven't written anything else on the topic except this:

I'm sorry you aren't seeing loving biblical discipline of children modeled. It's more helpful in my mind than reading about it.

But if you want to read a helpful book, "Shepherding a Child's Heart" is a good place to start.


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