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Through FB our longtime friend Al Stout writes:

Here is the argument… 

Abortion is a decision between a woman and her doctor. It is a matter of privacy, and the health of the woman is all that can be considered in these decisions. The fetus is not an individual life. It is not a person. It is a thing (sometimes a parasite) that cannot be taken into account by a third party to the abortion decision. An abortion is like a kidney, lung, or cornea removal.

Since the "thing" in a woman's womb is not a person, why are people upset abortions are performed for reasons of sex selection? For that matter...

if a person does not exist, how can the sex of a person exist? We don't have male or female kidneys. We don't have girl corneas or boy lungs. Sexual identity of those body parts must be derivative of the person who enjoys their use. Yet this "thing" is not a person.

This is a terrible conundrum for the abortion rights folks.

Even those who advocate abortion on demand cannot escape reality. What is the solution? Live with the inconsistency? Well, some of the people do that.

Meanwhile other people never make it out alive.


Wow. What a joke.

This is sooooo wrong, I don't even know what to say...

I often wonder if trying to convince the pro-abortion crowd that the "thing" is indeed a person is yesterday's battle. Seems like everyone knows it's a baby, some just don't care.

That's a pretty strong argument there Josiah... "I don't even know what to say..." maybe you don't know what to say because your arguments have just been torn up and tossed into the garbage... just maybe.

You're right, Becky. Unfortunately, most do know and don't care.

???????? What are you talking about?

This news article isn't about sex selective abortion, but read it too and weep. Not only was the "wrong" (ie healthy) twin "terminated", but when the error was found, the second unborn twin was also "terminated" (and the article doesn't specify how this "termination" was done. Now explain to me how something that we're told isn't really a living baby can be "terminated"?

Lord, please deliver us from this heinous evil!


I think, Becky, you've answered my previous question about how something that in the past has been claimed to be just a "blob of tissue" could be terminated. Pro-abortion proponents know abortion is murder (the termination of an actual life of a real person), but they don't care. It's all about "women having the right to do what they want with their own bodies".

And also there's so much money in abortion, huge money, whether in the abortion clinics (and Planned UnParenthood), or the pharmaceuticals with their chemical abortion pills. The love of money is a root of all kinds of evils.... And nowhere is this more obvious than in the killing of the unborn.



I must have read you all wrong and I apologize if I did. I took you as saying that Tim's argument was a joke. I am sorry and apologize.

- Nate Crum

To comment on the link to the web page that Tim linked to in his post, IHMO Dr. Kale is on the right track here. After all, what medical reasons exist for a mother to know the sex of her unborn child before 30 weeks gestation except to uncover for fetal (which means "little one" in Latin") abnormalities inconsistent with life and very rare sex-linked diseases? Although many/most of you would/might disagree, anything that stops sex-selection abortions seems pro-life to me.

My first reaction to Josiah's comment was that he was referring to the article as a "joke," not Al Stout's post.

"Love of money is at a root of all kinds of evils..."

You nailed it...reason why people both obtain and perform abortions (whether they believe the "thing" is a human or not).

On the other end of the coin, these parents ( were determined to keep the sex of their child a secret for 5 years (until they were forced to reveal his identity to enroll in kindergarten). Our culture is sad and twisted!

Hypocrisy on the pro-abortion side is everywhere. If a person kills a pregnant woman they are charged with two accounts of manslaughter. However, if that same woman was on her way to an abortion clinic...

Nancy, I think the word "terminated" has been applied to the end of the pregnancy (terminate the pregnancy), though we consider it applied to the end of the life of the baby, him/herself. Silly semantics, but words mean something and the medical industry is always oh-so-careful in how their words are defined and applied.

Yes, I agree with Tim. I guess I meant for that to read more along the lines of I free with Tim that it is wrong, and that on so many different levels.

Oh I see what you mean, Sandy. Yes, I wasn't thinking of it as their term for the ending of the pregnancy (as if that's somehow different than the ending of the life of the unborn child). Boy do they know how to nuance and parse their words!

The phrase that is used quite a bit by the pro death crowd is "A Woman's Right to Choose". We should force them to finish that sentence - "A Woman's Right to Choose to Murder Her Unborn Child".


When Ada was born last week, one of Ben's co-workers congratulated him and then commented that it was good that the birth of a daughter was a matter for congratulations. He may have spoken too soon.

The thing that really got my attention recently was in finding out that their definition of conception meant implantation as opposed to fertilization. Wow. Talk about desperate measures to hide the truth.

Youre right, Nancy. Finishing the sentence makes all the difference.

Sandy :)

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