Our new blog design...



What a gift! I will be thankful not to have to read white font on a black background ever again! :)

Looking forward to the new design.

How wonderful to see the way you are honored by your sons-in-law. And how obvious your love is for them.

I like the new logo and look. Good job Ben and Lucas!

Truly, it's a blessing to have resources like this in the family (blog designers, Drupal programmers, etc.).

While having nothing against the upcoming design as far as design is concerned, I will definately miss the design with the black background and the white san serif typeface. This combo maximizes my ability to read the blog in spite of vision problems, and Baylyblog is just about the only blog I can read (as I type this, that is) without distortion, squinting, frequent scans across sentences to be sure I've parsed things correctly, and so forth).

Fr. Bill,

Have you tried http://www.readability.com/ ?

With Readability, you should be able to view any blog or news site with a font style, font size, and color contrast that suits you.

I'm one that far prefers black on white background, but I'm glad to know that the style choices that I don't prefer have been a blessing to you.

Looks great! Are you dropping "Out of our minds too..." ?

>>Are you dropping "Out of our minds too..."



Eric, I just tried Readability today for the first time. I love it. Thanks for the recommendation.

Love the new look. Nice design work, Ben. And thanks Lucas and Joseph for your hard work behind the scenes.

I'm laughing imagining Joseph frantically trying to migrate the last of the comments as more keep coming in on the "credo vs. paedo" post.

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