When to say goodbye...

Good advice for church staff and officers. Fire unbelievers. ;-> (TB)


Yikes!! Did you read the comments after the story?

Looks like all the sorts of people who had gotten themselves fired were ventilating in the comment section.

heh heh heh

It does appear that some oxes were gored by the article.

I have to admit that asking unbelievers to leave the church would make the pastor's job easier.

Dear Todd,

You missed the point, although keep in mind that, according to 1Corinthians 5, if a man's attendance at church/membership/communion at the Lord's Table amounts to him calling himself a "brother," he must be expelled if his claim is denied by his life (if he's greedy, for instance). This is one of the great failings of our shepherds, today.

The point, though, had to do with the church's leaders--not its "customers."


Agree that firing unbelievers is necessary, but even that is a failure. I would hope that church fathers would have enough discernment to not have an unbeliever on staff or as an officer in the first place, though that's happened before. I mean, Rob Bell is a "pastor," isn't he?

Agreed with the church, not quite sure about a business. Nonbelievers as in "object to everything"? OK, let them go. Nonbelievers as in "People who actually call the boss to account that the ROI is negative"? Keep 'em around, the boss needs them.

And if the boss doesn't take feedback? Time for the subordinates to fire the boss.

But keep reading. There's also firing the know-it-alls. Ahem

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