TidBITS, smartphones, music sales, newspapers, and Google+...

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The only Mac publication I read is the Engsts' (not Angsts') TidBITS. If you use a Mac or iPhone, go ahead and subscribe now. It's free so just do it and you'll thank me. I've read TidBITS for maybe twenty years and it's the first place to go for accurate information on all things Apple.

The latest issue links to an interesting chart showing the relative obsolscence of Android and iPhone handsets by tracking their ability to take operating system updates. In other words the chart shows how long this or that phone is able to run the current version of its OS.

But once you look at that chart, keep clicking on Michael Degusta's other charts. Fascinating...

Here's one titled "The Real Death of the Music Industry." (Actually, he means the recording industry.)

Here's one titled "The Newspaper Business Implodes." A couple days ago I wrote a Chicago Sun-Times writer objecting to his trashing of pro-life heroes and I concluded the letter with a statement that journalists' bigotry and intolerance is the reason I'm pleased Craig's List is killing newspapers. Their voice needed to be disciplined so its authority didn't continue to deny God and His justice and mercy publicly.

Here's one titled Digital Subscription Prices Visualized (AKA the New York Times Is Delusional). When the Times recently changed its digital policy, I stopped reading it just as thirty years ago I stopped reading that magazine that lives on Gunderson Drive and makes a pile of money by trimming God's truth. I encourage you to do the same with both publications.

And this one titled "Google's Management Doesn't Use Google+."

I like this guy.