HAPPY THANKSGIVING: Mary's song in a limestone mill, with crickets...

Woolery Stone Mill is the limestone mill where the Empire State Building's facade was cut; also where Breaking Away's mill scenes were shot. The place is now largely abandoned but there are two connections to ClearNote Church, Bloomington, that might interest readers.

First, about ten years ago our head elder, J Lee, and I went through the mill and it's office building considering purchasing them both to house our church and a church-school. Given the massive scale of the mill, though, we gave it up. Now we have a 220 acre farm, instead. (Yes, I'm chuckling.)

More recently the mill was the site where this glorious video recording of Mary's Song was filmed. It's a high definition video and it serves as the perfect introduction to the CD, Repeat the Sounding Joy, released a week ago. What a fitting setting for Mary''s Song--outside/inside a stone mill, with crickets.

Give a listen to the video. It you knew the musicians, the video might bring tears to your eyes as it does to Mary Lee's and mine. Tears of joy for God's kindness in allowing us to be led in worship each week by humble men and women who, like Mary, are wonderful instruments of God's grace in our lives. Gloria!


Ooh, lovely lovely!

I very much enjoy this video, and all of the music from the GSB. I also enjoyed the Thanksgiving service this past Wednesday. I wished that I would have stood up and told everyone there that I'm thankful for this church and for ClearNote Indy.

It was good to see you and Mary Lee, Pastor Tim.

The sound in that mill was beautiful. Are there future plans for more recordings there?

Thank you so much to everyone who worked so hard on the album, and may God be glorified by it for many years to come! He is so good to give us such gifts...and these are just the foretaste!

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