Joint Reformation Sunday service in Lynden, WA...

FirstCRCLyndenAfter Lord's Day morning worship at Westminster PCA down in Vancouver, WA, Mary Lee and I will drive up to the US/Canada border for the 6 PM Annual Joint Christian Reformed Church (CRC) Reformation Sunday Worship Service hosted this year by First Christian Reformed Church in Lynden, Washington. I'll preach at the Reformation Sunday service, then speak on...

fatherhood in the church and the home on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

My dear friend, Robert Woodyard, is the Sr. Pastor of First CRC. Mary Lee and I have been close to Robert and his wife, Phama, since we lived an hour and a half apart in our first calls in Wisconsin--Mary Lee and I in a yoked parish of two congregations in Pardeeville and Cambria, and Robert and Phama over in Cedar Grove. Once every month or two, we'd spend two days together, alternating who hosted the visit. These times were the principal delight of Mary Lee's and my first decade in ministry.

If you're near Lynden, join us this Sunday evening at 6 PM at First Christian Reformed Church. (TB)


I knew Robert during his time in OKC. Good family.

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