How the mighty have fallen...

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GunnerCrestThis week two world-class football clubs went down to worst-day-of-their-lives defeats. Last night I watched Manchester United (playing the world's football) get thrashed by their cross-town rivals, Manchester City, by a score as horrific as the thrashing American football club Indianapolis Colts just suffered. Man U lost to Man City 6-1 and the Indy Colts lost to the New Orleans Saints 62-7. 

My guess? Sir Alex is the cupbearer and Jim Caldwell the baker. Which is to say Sir Alex stays and Sir Caldwell's gone. It's worth noting, though, that Rooney was on the field and Manning was off. And FWIW, this Gunners crest has been my phone's home screen for years, since Taylor put it there, so no tears here for Man U. (TB)