Grandview Elementary School evacuated to ClearNote Church, Bloomington...

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Grandview Elementary Evacuates to ClearNote Church from Good Shepherd Band on Vimeo.

The past several hours here at ClearNote Church, Bloomington, we've hosted four to five-hundred children from Grandview Elementary School across the street from us. Around 1:30 this afternoon the children and their cooks, aids, teachers, and Principal Lily Albright were evacuated while the Bloomington Fire Department investigated a smell that seemed to point to a gas leak.

GrandviewReadersThe bathrooms are entirely inadequate but the rest is working out fine. Although it's cold and raining outside, the children and their teachers are warm and dry and happy and singing in the sanctuary (sadly, not Rock of Ages or The Son of Man Goes Forth to War).

On the next page is a pic of our Monroe Country Community School Superintendent Dr. Judy DeMuth leaving the church...

after coming over to check on her students. She said the gas smell was from the heating system starting up for the first time this season. It doesn't appear to be a gas leak.

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We at ClearNote Church were pleased to help Grandview Elementary School because, during the construction of our new church-house we moved into a couple years ago, we rented Grandview for our Sunday morning classes and worship services. So we're pleased to be able to do a small thing to demonstrate our gratitude. (TB)