Good Shepherd Band: I wait for the Lord...

This tune written by Phil Moyer to serve the text of Psalm 130. (TB)


Thanks to the band for continuing to do the joyful work of turning our thoughts to Zion and that Day, helping us to think on these things. I look forward to the album of psalms that I hope this will be part of.

Wow, how old is this? It was obviously recorded during the summer. But there's also Jody, pre-beard. And the bassist formerly known as "Mick." And is that Stephanie Cascione on the cello?

I sing this song to my daughter when she's fussy. I really like it, and I think she does, too.

That's definitely Cole Tutino on the violincello :)
I think this was recorded August 2010.

Dear Michael Buschbacher (the bassist formerly know as Mick),

It's a violoncello :)

Love and miss you,

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