ClearNote Bloomington Choir: Ride On, King Jesus!

Phil Moyer directs the choir of ClearNote Church, Bloomington last Lord's Day singing "Ride On, King Jesus!" (TB)


Glad to have this song stuck in my head this morning...

Way to sing it like you mean it, choir!

Nice! :)

As I see myself in the video, I can't help but think...

I miss my hair. :-)

I would love a credit for the arranger.

Dear Yolanda Y. Williams,

It is difficult to accurately pin down an arranger for this. The person most responsible is likely Ernest Davis Jr. who is famous for his version with the Wilmington Chester Mass Choir. As you probably know, he combined three songs in that version: Ride On, King Jesus; In That Great Getting' Up Morning; and Ain't a That Good News. Davis's version has been an inspiration for so many different renditions as it was for this one. But it is difficult to find the sources for these arrangements since so many of these spirituals are passed along by rote.

I would love to know your thoughts about this since you are certainly more learned in this area than me.

In Christ,

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