A wedding sermon for man and woman...

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The Bible says it is better to marry than to burn with passion. But we say that it’s better to live with each other first to determine whether you are “compatible”. We say that it is better to burn with passion than to get married before you have established your career. We say that it is better to give ourselves to lust than to give up the prospect of two high-paying jobs. We even say that it is better to give ourselves to impurity before marriage than for people to think we are weird or to call us "legalists" or "prudes." - Joseph Bayly in a recent wedding sermon

Here's a wedding sermon that, across church history, would have been a yawn. But today it elicits anger and hatred--and from men and women claiming to be Reformed.

How have we gotten to the place that pastors leave out the word 'obey' in the woman's vow and preach sermons to brides that don't mention childbearing and submission?

Speaking in Toledo this past weekend at the Friday Night Bible Study at the home of Bob and Debbie Forney, I pointed out that the weddings I attend nowadays are entirely gender-neutral...

Nothing is said to men-as-men or women-as-women. Just generic nostrums about "love" evacuated of any Biblical content. Any self-sacrifice or glory to God.

This is the fruit of pastors agreeing to disagree over women in leadership over men. The Apostle Paul divided the Church over it, but we make nice with rebels in the hope that we'll be liked and hired and paid. So today, sex is for body part placement and that's it. Sex is to sell clothing and toothpaste and football, but never to live sanctified lives as men and women, boys and girls, and to propogate a godly seed.

We used to neuter our dogs and cats. Now we neuter our wedding vows and sermons, and therefore our sons and daughters, grandsons and grandaughters.

No wonder our sons are all gay. And I'm hoping by now you know there's no accredited academic seminary that can straighten them out.