Warren Buffet is just a rich man...

Warren Buffet's Bank of America deal is good for him, but likely at the expense of everyone else. The Holy Spirit says, "Is it not the rich who oppress you and personally drag you into court" (James 2:6b)? (TB)


I wonder if this is related to Buffett's call for higher taxes for the rich. Perhaps, deep down, he knows what he's doing is wrong but (equally as wrongly) seeks to balance the scales.

It doesn't take much reading about Buffett to learn that he is not a good and honorable man.

Typically men of Buffett's vintage and net worth are keenly realizing their mortality. They know they will have to leave their precious worldly idols and face the great unknown stripped of the props of this life. Therefore they often seek some kind of "redemption" or "atonement" for the sins their conscience condemns them of.

Talk about a perfect combination of self-loathing and self-righteousness...

I'm not sure if one can challenge Buffett morality based on this investment. The company is in a dicey situation and needs capital. In such situations they have to pay more than normal to get it. Would it be better for the company to go under instead of giving Buffett a good deal to give them needed money?

Reading the terms of the deal was eye-opening, and shows how the rich get richer. But then again, I'm rich beyond imagination myself, aren't we?


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