Things to appreciate about Campus Crusade for Christ/Cru...

What's Campus Crusade for Christ International/Cru done right? Here's a short list I hope others will add to...

CCC has worked hard to keep their staff working hard. Unlike other parachurch ministries I've known intimately, CCC has held staff members accountable for what they do with their time. This has been a great encouragment and example to me as a pastor.

They've had a policy of paying staff members a family wage. I don't know if this continues today, but it was so encouraging to me years back when I found out their staff was paid according to the number of dependents they were supporting. If a man had more children, he got more money. This led to Bill Bright getting a smaller salary than many of his staff. Keep in mind that it's quite counter-cultural to chose not to pay the same wage for the same work.

Which brings me to the third thing I've appreciated about CCC: they have often been willing to stand against our wicked culture, and although comparisons are usually odious, I add that this has been much more of an identifying mark of CCC than any other parachurch organization on the campus, today.

They have given themselves to evangelism, which is something Reformed men and churches never ever do. (So lamented Iain Murray at every Banner of Truth conference my brothers and I attended.) Techniques, the Four Spiritual Laws the Jesus Film, and lies about numbers aside for the moment, CCC has gone out and tried hard to do it! And that's no small thing.

There's more, but I'll leave it to readers to add to the list.


A great idea for a post! And I like it being a separate post from the one criticizing Campus Crusade.

Thank you for this.

I appreciate that God used a godly man on staff with Campus Crusade to help me see the difference between the legalistic, cultural "Christian" way of life I was living and preach Christ to me. And, I am glad he used the same man to show me the beauty of adoption which led my wife and I to adopt our son. Not everything a CCC staff is in the professional "playbook." My son is not something that CCC has a "stat" for, but God used a CCC staff to lead me in that way.

CCC has never wavered in its focus on mothers being keepers of the home and raising up godly children. I believe one can easily see the benefits of this through observing the lives of the children of many staff members.

I was brought to Christ through the ministry of men who had been part of Crusade, so I've got that in gratitude. I also value cherished friends who were a part.

I praise God that while I was with Campus Crusade for Christ at Indiana University, Mark Nuzum, one of the staff workers loved me and taught me to love Jesus Christ and to love others enough to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them.

//They have given themselves to evangelism, which is something Reformed men and churches never ever do. (So lamented Iain Murray at every Banner of Truth conference my brothers and I attended.)//

This sounds grim - there must be *some* Reformed people doing it right?

I'm staing the obvious, but it's the churches who make the effort at evangelism, who then have the privilege of seeing the elect come to faith in Christ, and who then have the privilege of discipling them.

Campus Crusade got me over my fear of talking to other people about Jesus. My campus ministry also was excellent at sheperding, so that people went from novices to disciplers in just a couple of years. When I talk with the other elders at my church about how to shepherd our congregation, I realize that the competence and follow-through I have is directly related to the training I received in CCC. It helped that my CCC groups studied J.I. Packer, not Don Miller.

As a 18 year staff member with CCC and a Ruling Elder in my PCA (Reformed) Church, I'm laboring to help our church give itself to Evangelism. Those who I know who are on staff with CCC and elders in their Reformed Churches are trying to do the same.

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