With the souls of sodomites destroyed, children are next...

Hazael said, “Why does my lord weep?” Then he answered, “Because I know the evil that you will do to the sons of Israel: their strongholds you will set on fire, and their young men you will kill with the sword, and their little ones you will dash in pieces, and their women with child you will rip up.” (2 Kings 8:12)

Time and again, those who pastor souls are called by God to enter into the havoc and destruction caused by the sexual depredation of children. Sometimes it's the children themselves who initiate the sin; other times it's an older relative or some unrelated adult, both male and female. One tragic aspect of this ministry is watching how often sexualized children grow up into bondage to sexual perversion, themselves. Little boys molested by older boys or men grow up desiring men rather than women.

This simple fact needs to be forced out of the closet, into the light...

Such bondage is often healed by the power of the Holy Spirit through the preaching of the Word, prayer, the grace of the Sacraments, and the love and discipline of the fellowship of believers called the Church. We testify to this truth and praise God for His great kindness and tender mercies to sinners!

And if we are to be agents of reconciliation, we must cultivate the wise-as-serpents part of pastoral care. We must grow in our ability to recognize danger, coming to know the haunts it keeps and the tell-tale signs of predators and their victims. Also, our preaching must be as peritinent and helpful as the Word of God. Pastors should preach and teach and speak privately about sexual purity, warning against sexual immorality as specifically and frequently as the Apostle Paul.

Let me give a couple examples.

Pastors and elders and Titus 2 women counselling troubled marriages should ask about the frequency of sexual intercourse, expecting numbers rather than generalities. Godly fathers should speak to their son about the length of his showers. Godly mothers would be wise to say "no" to their daughter's request to sleep over at a friend's house if the only adult with them would be her friend's divorced and single father. Elders should ask about hotel room movies and traveling companions and lunch meetings when speaking with women or men who travel for a living. Premarital counseling should always include specific questions about past and present immorality that can only be escaped by those with great skill in deception. Parents of older teenagers should be warned not to place SAT scores, college degrees, or scholarships over sexual purity, understanding that the Apostle Paul was absolutely right when he declared, "It's better to marry than to burn."

Pastors, elders, deacons, older women, mothers, youth leaders, fathers and grandfathers, please do add to this list.

The above is my response to this symposium held by a group of intellectuals yesterday in Baltimore. The keynote speaker was Fred Berlin, M.D., Ph.D., founder of the Johns Hopkins Sexual Disorders Clinic of Johns Hopkins University. LifeSiteNews.com reports the conference included "panelists from Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, the University of Louisville, and the University of Illinois." The goal of the symposium was to strategize about the best way to normalize pederasty and pedophilia, and to lower the age of consent--in other words, to remove the "stigma" from sexual perverts who destroy the souls of God's little ones. Here are the organization's "Principles and Perspectives of Practice."

Over the next couple of decades, those of you who are younger will watch as the wicked, encouraged and supported by purportedly Christian intellectuals conniving at their wickedness, accomplish the mainstreaming of sex with children and animals as they've accomplished the mainstreaming of sodomy over the course of the past three decades. One day soon, the perversions of pedophilia and pederasty will be treated with as much preciousness as sodomy has come to be treated today. And this great wickedness will be accomplished by perverts riding on the backs of intellectuals who tell Christianity Today that they favor the repeal of age-of-consent laws just as before they told Christianity Today they favored the repeal of sodomy laws.

Both are abominations before God. Both destroy souls. And both will be the precious children of pastors and seminary professors eager to prove their gracefulness.

The terror is that, by the time this happens, no one will remember this warning and I have no idea what demonic vices will next be endured, pitied, then embraced.

(TB, w/thanks to Daniel)


Great post. I've been involved with a sexual-sin recovery ministry for about a year now, and it's been remarkable to me to hear this generic story repeated by men who are in bondage to same-sex temptation:

"When I was in high school, I wanted to have a girlfriend but girls didn't like me. All the other guys had girlfriends and were getting laid, but I couldn't. So I figured that because I couldn't have sex with a woman, I must be gay."

I'm not sure how to talk to teenagers about this, nor do I have much opportunity to, but it seems to me like we need to. Obviously godly instruction from a father would all but fix the problem, but it seems like we in the church have a lot of young men to deal with without that luxury, and having a stronger influence than classmates and TV is hard.

This post could and should be made into a book, and perhaps its author will do that someday. In the meantime, a great mistake that pastors and elders in orthodox churches are making today is the assumption that the Christian parents in their congregations are properly training their children in sexual purity. One of the men I worked with told me he was given a purity ring at age 16 by his (pastor) father with virtually no explanation as to what it meant to be pure. Pastors, making the assumption that the children of your congregation are being properly instructed by their parents in this area is exceedingly dangerous to the well-being of their souls....


Not completely tangential, this post inspired me to write down some disciplines that I've developed for when I'm browsing the web, to keep my mind pure.

Brothers, please consider these helps and warnings:

The post is very much Firefox-specific at the moment and would benefit from others' expertise on how to implement these measures in Chrome and other browsers.

In adding to your list of areas of instruction:

Parents should instruct children (and each other) to reroute away from sensual/sexual clothing store window displays in malls. Staying out of malls is best.

Newspaper inserts or mail order catalogs containing underclothing or swimsuit ads should not be browsing material for the family. Tear ads out and trash 'em.

All fiction--even and especially classic works as well as those said to be written by a "christian" author-- should be thoroughly inspected by the parents for sexual material. It will be in there.

Instruction should be given from a young age how to handle trips to the library.

The video store should only be entered by a parent, and only if absolutely necessary. No browsing.

I could go on; magazine racks, the newsfeed on Yahoo, that Facebook friend's picture album, movie reviews that are overly descriptive, the youth group pool party, locker room (im)modesty, appropriate hugs between family, church friends, etc.

"Godly mothers would be wise to say "no" to their daughter's request to sleep over at a friend's house if the only adult with them would be her friend's divorced and single father."

Having been a divorced and single father for a while, I agree wholeheartedly. I wasn't a danger to my daughter's friends, but it disturbed me how many of their parents didn't know that and left them alone with me anyway. For all they knew, I COULD have molested their kids.

I've had several talks with my 15-year-old son this summer about sexual morality, and I think they actually stuck. He only spends summers with me, and then goes back to his atheist mother and stepfather, so any moral instruction he gets has to be quick and intensive. I pointed out to him that any sexual activity will do serious harm to the girl he's with. No matter how much she protests that this is what she wants, that she's fine with sex, she's not going to be in the long run. As the man, it's his job to protect her from harm, even if she doesn't feel like being protected. I think that stuck where straightforward moral instruction might have faded out of his mind when he goes back.

Pastor Tim, I know that you sent this link out to fathers and elders, but how does a mother read this and not feel completely frightened and sad about the "world" that her young children (mine are girls) are growing up in?

Minor attracted people will be consulted on the DSM revision but no predator destroyed children. Convenient.

Another discipline that is a help to me: When I see a woman, I imagine her big, ugly husband (or father) beside her, watching me with a not very friendly look in his eye. Thinking of him helps me snap to remembrance not to dwell on the sight of the woman.

Another help is addressing a woman (in my mind) as Mrs. --- or Miss ---, which again helpfully points my mind to that big ugly husband or father. I would be much more effective at this if it were our custom to speak this way. Our informal speech in this instance has taken away a protection for men, and consequently for women and families.

>> I would be much more effective at this if it were our custom

What a victim mentality. What am I afraid of, suffering for my Lord? Is a raised eyebrow enough to vanquish me? What a sissy.

Today I asked the hair stylist if it would be ok if the kids called her Mrs. --- instead of her first name. She was fine with that.

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