Fearing space aliens rather Almighty God...

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SpaceAliensPoliceEarth A dear brother sends notice of the Academy's anthrophobia that's culminated in this howler from our intellectual superiors at NASA and Penn State. Without tongues-in-cheek, they warn that space aliens may be so righteously indignant over our incandecent lights and hot water heaters that they mount an assault against the only inhabitants of Planet Earth who bear the Image of God.

As Joe Sobran oft observed, some things are so spine-tingly stupid only the highly educated could ever believe them. Brother Tibbs writes:

You know how Paul warned that God would give people over to vile affections because they worship the creation rather than the Creator, Who is blessed forever? Well, here's a very sad story about His judgment.

Hippies from outer space might arrive in their bong-ship to wipe out humanity in order to save the earth and punish us for blaspheming Gaia. Far out, man. Groovy. Pass the weed.

This is what they believe?



Do we need any more evidence that radical environmentalism is little more than soul-destroying earth worship? They even have doomsday prophecies and judgment from deities if we continue to "sin" against the earth.

Yes, nature is a wonderful thing. Yes, we should be good stewards of what God has given us. But we should worship the Creator; never His creation.

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(TB, w/thanks to Scott)