Three gay men...

To know, know, know them is to love... (TB)


Now THAT'S art for the people, baby. Are you guys going to play at the WildGoof Festival?

I was wondering why Pastor Bayly called us "gay men" until I looked up both words:

Gay: Adjective. Having or showing a merry, lively mood.

Men: Noun. Plural of "man". A biological male, possessing the most typical and desirable masculine characteristics, including strength, good looks, charm, etc.

Nathan, having seen the video, I think that your definition for "Men" should end after "male"...

Brandon: perhaps quoting some cute Disney animals will dissipate some of the offense intended in the saying, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say nothing at all." Even if it what you're saying is true.

Jon Crum
Front man and lead singer among these "gay men."

I love the categories we got.

For the record, off-screen Drew Howell is directing the choreography and my wife is laughing disapprovingly, my favorite of her laughs.

I just want to know who the Nazi you are in love with is.

These three gay men and their off screen director swished into our house, uninvited, and picked up our freezer and its contents, and whisked it all down a flight of stairs! Not even an icecream bar was missing! Good men they are, and I thank God for them all.

Wonderful, men. I think I have some things figured out, but still have one remaining question.

Who: Gay men
What: An overflow of pent-up artistic and aerobic longing
Where: A house
When: Recently
Why: Something happened

But my real question -- HOW? How in the world can your hands be moving ninja-fast and your mouth be moving with the song? Pray, tell.

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