Thank you, WORLD...

WORLD just went to print with a cover story mentioning our son and his wife, Joseph and Heidi Bayly, and their adopted son, Tate. (The online version of the article includes the video below.) The piece is about African adoption. Mary Lee and I have two grandsons who came to these United States from Africa and we hope to have another, soon. Doug and Heather Ummel's son, Josiah, as well as Joseph and Heidi's son, Joseph Tate Bayly VII, are both from Ethiopia and Joseph and Heidi are working towards adopting another child from Ethiopia as soon as the Ethiopian goverment does its paperwork.

It would be churlish of me to keep my recent post critical of WORLD up on Baylyblog, so I've removed it. I thank WORLD for its advocacy work on behalf of orphans in their distress. This is true religion.


This is why I love World magazine. You have a beautiful family!! I loved that video of your grandson. And hearing him sing the "amen" just made me want to cry. My husband and I hope to adopt one day, though we're not sure right now if we'll go the international route or not. I certainly hope that the reforms Ethiopia has tried to institute will soon be seen for what they might mean: more children dying or aging out of a system without knowing the love of a family. Blessings to you all!


The amen got me, too. I guess he wanted to make sure Ben didn't forget it!

White guilt in the church is alive and well.

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