The salvage yard church...

Salvage-yard-church ClearNote Church has gotten by without a sign ever since we moved into our new church-house. Why?

Don't ask. But if we were ever to get a sign, I'd like to copy this one. It's about as comissional as can be.

And here at ClearNote Church of Bloomington, it has the added benefit of accurately describing the origin of many cars in our parking lot...

We have an arrangment with Chuck Forney who owns Bloomington's salvage yard, Auto Heaven. We specify price range and he recycles one of his ugly beauties. They're not beautiful cosmetically--remember that love built on beauty, soon as beauty, dies?

Rather, Chuck's cars are beautiful because they're inexpensive and reliable. Try it out--talk to your local salvage yard.

(TB: pic by Eric R.)


That church is only a few minutes from my house. They just tore off an old ugly overhang and replaced it with this new signage. The one thing that has stuck out to me about this church is that it has two services: one entitled "Contemporary Service", and the other entitled "Rock the House". I have thought about going and rocking the house with them. I think it would be fun!


Wasn't there another part to the sign, in smaller font? I believe it said "no politics, no baggage, no traditions." I'm sure of the baggage and traditions part. Every time I saw the sign I thought how foolish it was to think that you had no traditions. People who think they have no traditions have as strong of traditions as everyone else. Anyhow, I'll wager their rock the house service wouldn't be all that fun. A ClearNote Church rock the house service, on the other hand...there's something to think about.


David T,

Your memory is correct and your insight even better.

I don't recall that sign, but I will defer to your memory. And for the record, I would much rather a ClearNote rock the house service.

Here in the Denver area we have Scum of the Earth church, Two Edged Sword Church, Word Church, The Pearl, and The Door Church. A local Lutheran church has a sub-church called The Table. I could add to the list by driving around for an extra ten minutes.

I forgot to include The Next Level church.

As the pastor of The Salvage Yard Church I am flattered people have noticed our new sign!! It must be working!!! As a new Church, Our previous sign did state our position on traditions, politics, and baggage, we started from scratch with three families, moved into our building 6 weeks later and had 235 people come to our first service! They represented 30 different church backgrounds! In the beginning the sign was very true! After a few years and a major remodel, we came to the conclusion, we, like others, had formed our traditions, etc. and decided to leave that off the new sign. We are growing! We sit on one of the highest traffic count intersections in Indy, signage is everything! Thank you for noticing! Praying for you from Indy!

PS. Rock the House is exactly what it sounds like!!!

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