The economics of feminism...

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Sooner or later every faithful pastor joins the resistance movement engaged in mortal combat with the Feminist Reich. At long last, the shepherd finds it impossible to live seated in the heavenlies far above the screams and bloody carcasses rotting in our public squares and churches. Hell and destruction get to be too much for him, so he puts on his armor, grabs the Sword of the Spirit, and marches out to destroy the Devils of Hell whose mouths are dripping the blood of the sheep. War is finally declared and the shepherd marches out in defense of his flock!

As he enters the battle, though, it dawns on him that economics is one of the key battlefields. Yet he's never learned a thing about economics...

He thought it was pious to stay ignorant about money.

At this point he remembers that someone at Baylyblog once recommended that readers subscribe to The Family in America and he wonders if his education in economics might do well to start there?

Yes, that would be an excellent place to start. As a teaser, here's an oped piece by The Family in America's editor, Bob Patterson, titled "Men Are the Biggest Losers in the New Economy."