Pleasure or pain: which would you choose?

Here's an excellent article by Brian Carpenter that's filled with wisdom for all of us, but particularly those of us learning how to raise our children in the Lord. Read it. Then ask your wife and children to read it and discuss it around your dinner table.

(TB: w/thanks to David W.)


Just one word for David W: ouch!

Concur. It has also been well-said that poverty isn't lack of money, it's lack of options. The article's comments about Eastern Tennessee could have been illustrated just as well with examples from the UK - we joke about one part of Glasgow (Scotland) that there, you know you're a failure if you're thirtyfive and not a grandparent. My own country is looking at significant welfare reform, something along the lines of workfare, and the cries of outrage are being heard already.

If we are engaging with people who are poor, and this is a focus at the moment at the church I belong to, then diagnosis of /why/ they are poor is the critical need. An inability to delay gratification may be at the root of some people's problems, but that might not always be the case.

Amen. I see the same with the line workers where I work.

This was a really beneficial post to me and my own heart and thinking. Recently graduating college, making a move to Bloomington, and figuring out the next steps of things, shows me as a man things I can be doing for the future.

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