May God grant repentance and faith to us and our chilldren...

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A brother sent along this link to an article on Billy Graham titled "The Fight over Billy Graham's Legacy." The author shows an obvious disdain for Billy's son Franklin, but there's this notable statement by Franklin explaining how he differs from his father:

"We preach the same Gospel,” Franklin Graham says, but “Daddy hates to say no. I can say no."

My friend comments, "That says a lot, doesn't it," and then adds this...

observation and warning:

Note that out of Billy Graham's five children, three have been divorced; and it's my impression that the remaining family and siblings are not close. Incidentally, I've been reading through 1Samuel lately, and have been reminded of the line of spiritual leaders who saw their sons reject their fathers' faith: Eli, Samuel (who should've learned from Eli), David, Solomon, and so on. Just reminds me of the need to be thankful for godly families, and to pray that God will not abandon the sons of the Church to be Esaus.

Quite right. May God send His Holy Spirit to give the gifts of repentance and faith to our sons and daughters, grandsons and granddaughters. Integrally connected to our children, though, the past couple of days I've been thinking along the lines of my brother David's post, "Drifting away...:" specifically, how imperative it is that our consciences and hearts grow more tender--not more calloused--as we age.

May God allow us to set an example of this in our older years.