The case--please hear me out--against the em dash...

Speaking candidly, I'm addicted to the em dash. I know it, yet seem incapable of change. If this irritates you, dear reader, check out this piece from Slate--I think you'll enjoy it.




Love the em dash. Definitely the lazy way out of proper punctuation, but it works in a pinch. I own Lynne Truss's book. Laughed like an idiot in Borders while I read it aloud to a friend who was with me and only mildly—very mildly— amused.

I'm with you, Tim and Sandy, even though I used to work as a technical writer and editor for mostly computer-related print, online, and web-based documentation for ~15 years and supposedly should know better. (And I almost used an em dash between "Sandy" and "even" without thinking about it in the first line of this post .)

So now I know that my favorite bit of punctuation--exceeding my love even for misplaced apostrophe's--has a name derived--believe it or not--from typesetting.

Sorry. No, not really. :^)

It drives me nuts--if you know what I mean---to see blatant example's of poor punctuation and grammar, and I have made it a point of taking picture's of these things and posting them on my Facebook page (but I deleted it so you can't see it because I was saved from Facebook thanks to Baylyblog) but some of the bad English I've seen include: insurances (is that a word?), myriads of--I don't think that is correct--mixing up of complement and compliment, and lot's of other things too numerous to mention, if you get my pointe..

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