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JustinTaylor'sAdforTimKellerNo doubt readers have noticed I've been trying to take Doug's advice and "stop throwing rocks at the moon." He's so wise.

But occasionally I howl, and tonight you may hear me after some idiot sent me to JT's blog and I saw this ad. Twenty percent off? How can a man resist? Talk about preaching to my heart! And you pomos aren't scandalized!

Preaching has become a commodity and we consume it as if it were yogurt or socks.

Money, it's a hit...



Having been around two denominations of churches, I've noticed that both seem to have a particular temptation to worldliness and corruption, based on one of the respective church's proudest traditions and greatest strengths. As an Episcopalian, I saw us arguing endlessly about liturgy, lighting the candles in the right order, whatever- and I saw a church that is in love with its beautiful, often intensely biblical liturgy that has forgotten the word of God completely. In the reformed tradition, I've seen the cult of the rock-star pastor- the endless rounds of conferences, books, and hip blogs that can be so enriching and also so starkly, horribly, commercial. You're right on the money about how preaching has indeed become a commodity.

I'll tell you the Gospel, but you have to pay me first.

And the church should be *less* prophetic (Keller says):

"“So there should be a certain humility and graciousness about the way in which you talk to everybody,” said Keller. “So I think it’s our job as individual congregations to care for the poor, to produce people who speak civilly, to just serve our neighborhoods and serve people and be careful about speaking ex-cathedral, you know, about these great political positions on issues.”

“I personally think that the church, as the church, ought to be less concerned about speaking to politics and more concerned about service.”"


Thank you Baylys for warning about Tim Keller's teaching.

Right. And Keller is so humble and so very civil in his speech and so widely known for serving his community that he was not invited to the press conference kicking off a campaign to reduce the number of abortions in NYC. Why?

Because the organizers didn't know where Keller stands on the issue!

How can this be? The rector of my church is so naive. Instead of putting all of his sermons on iTunes for free, he could sell them instead. He could even say it's for a good cause -- like 1/3 of the profits for the building fund and 2/3 for him. But he doesn't have the Rev. Keller's name recognition so it won't fly.

With tongue firmly placed in cheek,


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