The wedding...

For those convinced that weddings mean something, did you notice today how the fairer sex signed their submission to Adam and his brothers with a veil or headcoverings?

(TB: thanks to Phil)


Interestingly, Samantha Cameron (wife of the British PM David Cameron) was criticised in the secular press for being pretty much the only woman not to wear a hat:

In that article (sorry for some of the pictures on the right sidebar) it is hilarious to see some comments people made on twitter:

'I hope a pigeon c**** on Samantha Cameron for not wearing a hat.'

'There's always one trying 2 be difficult and cause a stir at these Royal occasions *COUGH! Samantha Cameron...was it so hard 2 wear a hat?!'

Apparently wedding guests were given a 22-page etiquette guide, the Palace said the following:

“Wearing the right hat and not overdoing it is important. Wearing cream or white is not appropriate. That must be left to the bride."

(don't think many listened to the 'overdoing it' part!) And:

“Men in the Armed Forces should wear uniform and male civilians a lounge or morning suit. A top hat should be carried, not worn, inside the church.”

They even had basic modesty protocol for women:

Women are expected to wear formal dresses or suits, to avoid halter necks, sleeveless gowns, spaghetti straps and mini-skirts, and wearing cream or white must be left to the bride.

It is ironic that the secular world is more jealous of some Christian traditions than the church is.

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