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Just now I added a link to Sierra Trading Post. For many years Mary Lee and I have done a lot of business with these folks and yesterday I was thinking that I wanted to tell our readers about them. We've found them to be about as good a company as any we've ever dealt with and the quality of their products is outstanding with the price typically less than half of retail. But most of all, despite my dislike for businessmen trading on the Name of Christ as a way of making sales, Sierra simply places a Bible verse on its checkout page.

So if you want to know more about them, click through our link. And if you use the link and buy something, ClearNote Fellowship will receive a five percent commission on the sale. Which we need and thank you for.



And oooohhhhh....they've got those $10,000 bicycles there that got me linked on this site, too....except for about half the price. Lead me not into temptation....

(actually, that part is simple; for $4000, I could take 15 lbs off the weight of my bike.....which I could take off the weight of my current bike easily if....I rode my current bike more often!)

Very cool. I've been a STP fan for a few years now. Like you, I'm happy with their way of wearing Jesus on their sleeves. No itchy-fishes, no purpose-driven-ad banners. Just a Scripture on every receipt.

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