Member of IV national leadership team silences Biblical voices at IU/InterVarsity event promoting sodomy (part II)...

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(Tim: this is second in a series of posts [one, two, three, four, five, six, seven] responding to to InterVarsity Christian Fellowship's promotion of sodomy at a Indiana University campus forum they sponsored the evening of Monday, March 28, 2011.)

Yesterday, Baylyblog had a post titled "Indiana Chapter of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship promotes sodomy...." Accompanying that post was a link to an article from the Indiana Daily Student reporting on the IV event with an accompanying pic of IV's homosexual advocate and this caption under the pic:

William Campbell, the first speaker of the 'Jesus and the End of...' series, talked about the relationship between religion and the LBGTQ community Monday at Jordan Hall. In the lecture, Campbell drew upon his life experiences and as a homosexual Christian and from working as a staff member of the Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship progam for college students in Chicago.

Here are the facts...

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship used money they received from missions offerings of Evangelical churches around the country to hire a self-affirming, practicing homosexual to come onto the campus of Indiana University and promote the very wickedness that is leading him to Hell. Or put it this Biblical way: IV used Evangelical missions offerings to pay for a practicing sodomite to put stumbling blocks in front of Christ's "little ones."

The event was attended and defended by a number of IV people including Bob Hunter who serves IV as "a diversity and justice specialist" and is on "the national leadership team of InterVarsity's Black campus ministry." Hunter was one of those who rebuked the grad student for warning against Campbell's advocacy of sodomy. (Download a copy of the IV trifold handed out on campus to promote this talk.)