Lily-white NCAA...

(Tim) If you need your eyes opened to what the NCAA actually does, read this article. But please don't think I'm linking to it because of bitterness at Butler's loss. My own opinion is that Butler was being protected from the wickedness of pride. I'm convinced their loss was God's blessing.

And if you're wondering, I don't think the columnist is out of line bringing race into it.



Many years ago, Jerry Tarkanian, the former coach of the University of Nevada at Las Vegas basketball team, made this comment which I paraphrase: "The NCAA is so mad at [the University of] Kentucky they're about to put Cleveland State on probation again."

It's not wrong to bring race into the equation; it's a central part of college athletics. But I'm not sure this one is about race. After all, Cam Newton and his dad are of African descent.

It's more about how the NCAA protects big name programs and coaches. It's easy to penalize the little guys. It takes a little more whatever to penalize the big guns. TV ratings are also very, very important.

31% graduation rate for UConn's players, Butler's is 92%. I feel a lot better about the life prospects of the Bulldogs than the UConn players.

So Calhoun is a cheater, a scummy politician (how did he avoid that one again while an unknown did not?), and intensely cruel to his players, giving them Cadillac tastes and a non-education that will ensure most of them a Chevy budget.

Regarding race, the question ought to be asked, but my hunch is that the NCAA simply goes after the defenseless in a way that they won't with someone who can hire a lawyer. And yes, that will disproportionately hit black athletes--and even more the honest kind like the Baylor player who was penalized.

Big time college athletics is just like big time American politics: How much money did George Soros donate to our beloved President, Comrade Osama? No one knows for sure, but there sure was a nice payback when U.S. taxpayer dollars went toward an offshore Brazilian oil project which George Soros is heavily invested in. On the other hand, how many African-Americans voted for Comrade Osama? And what did they get as their reward? A higher unemployment rate, and the guarantee that unborn African-American babies will continue to be slaughtered with the support of American taxpayer dollars, rendering them the second largest minority group in America and losing ground rapidly to the Latinos..

Graduation rates are a bit misleading. When players leave early for the NBA they are counted as "not-graduating".

Granted that leaving for the NBA skews the rates, 60% of UConn's players would have to be going NBA before graduation in order to equal Butler. I don't know what a realistic estimate would be, but I'm sure it's not even close to 60%.

Regarding the NBA, UConn does have a lot of players there--14 in all I think who came out in the past 12 years--but given that the coach is getting 3-5 new players in each year, the NBA apparently explains about half of UConn's abyssmal graduation rate.

To be fair, the nationwide six year graduation rate (keep in mind athletes only get five years on scholarship in general) is only about 50-60% (higher for some, lower for others), but it does speak to a real wickedness in higher education that gives people Caddy tastes and a Chevy budget half the time.

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